by Max Barry

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The Great Disk Space Disaster of 2005

by Max Barry
Tue, 26 Apr 2005

Today our server ran out of disk space. Some servers, confronted with this situation, would collapse in a screaming heap, but not ours. Oh no! Instead it sucked it up and kept on running. Of course, it couldn't save anything, so almost every nation and region it touched got deleted or corrupted, but still, you have to admire its spirit.

Here's what happened: we realized (a) that terrible, terrible things were happening to the game, (b) this was because we'd run out of disk space, and (c) yes, we really should have caught this earlier. Fortunately, we had a complete backup from earlier in the day, so we took down the game and began restoring.

Here's what this means: if you did anything in the 20 hours before the game went down, it's been undone. Legislation passed, telegrams sent, endorsements granted or regional movement: none of it really happened.

Nations deleted in the last 20 hours will be back. (Although if they were deleted by mods, you can bet they'll be re-deleted pretty quick.) Nations created in the last 20 hours have vanished. You can re-create them, but unfortunately I suspect we'll run into some forum account wackiness, because the forum itself is not being reset. If you have problems, please see the Known Problems page.

Sorry for this, and thanks for your patience.