by Max Barry

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Resolution is at hand

by Max Barry
Thu, 23 Sep 2004

Ever felt sure that a particular UN resolution must have sneaked through when nobody was looking? (Although, now I think about it, with regard to the first one this is actually true.) Well, now you can do something about it! You can attempt to have a UN resolution repealed.

If you visit the page of Past UN Resolutions, you'll see they now have little "Repeal this Resolution" links. These take you to a page where you can propose that resolution be repealed (i.e. rolled back). Like any other proposal, your nation can only do this if it's a UN member and has at least two endorsements.

The process is then much like any other kind of proposal: it goes into the general pool for UN Delegates to consider, and will only reach the UN floor and be voted on by all member nations if it gains enough Delegate approvals.

If a repeal is passed by the full UN, the original resolution is stricken from the record and no longer binding on UN member nations. In practical terms, this has an effect on UN member nations similar to the original resolution, but in reverse and milder.

All current UN member nations will be affected by the repealing of a resolution, whether they were members when the original was passed or not. This may change in the future, if people seem outraged enough by it, but for practical reasons--we have no record of which nation was in the UN when any given resolution was passed--this it how it works for now. Enjoy!