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An update from Max

by Max Barry
Sat, 03 Jul 2004

A family emergency called me away immediately after we moved to the new server, so it's been a little chaotic, sorry. Thanks so much to the mods and especially SalusaSecondus for picking up some slack and keeping this place ticking over. Sal basically had the entire admin job dropped in his lap at the most difficult time possible and he's done an outstanding job.

The situation: the game is running pretty nicely on the new server now. It will switch over from the IP address to the nice '' name very shortly (which may require you to re-create your autologins in "Settings"). Our forum has been imported into Jolt's system, but we don't yet have the bridge up between it and the game. I'm not sure exactly how far away this is, but it's currently the number one priority. When it comes up, the sidebar menu will show a FORUM link and "Latest Threads".