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Finally, the Issues!

by Max Barry
Thu, 16 Oct 2003

NationStatesNationStates now has a system that lets Game Moderators edit player-submitted nation issues into a format suitable for use in the game. This was something I originally intended to do myself, and then you guys submitted thousands of them, which pretty much killed that idea.

But now -- finally! -- we have a system that should supply an ongoing, never-ending stream of new issues for your nations, meaning you never need grow tired of seeing that Harry Potter issue yet again. It's definitely a big improvement over the 30 that we started with.

Newly created nations will receive the "original" issues that I wrote for the first couple of weeks of their life, and thereafter qualify for new, player-submitted, moderator-edited issues.

There is currently an enormous backlog of player-submitted issues -- about 2,500 of them -- and it'll be quite a while before the mods work their way through all of that!

Thanks again to all the people who have submitted issues, and are continuing to do so -- this wouldn't be happening without you. And profuse thanks to our moderators, who do a brilliant job of keeping this place running.

Fear the Postmaster-General

by Max Barry
Thu, 16 Oct 2003

The forum titles have undergone a reworking, with a few new categories added and the number of posts needed to gain them modified. Now you hardcore forum addicts can receive the recognition and/or sympathy you so richly deserve!

Forum titles (such as "Envoy", "Diplomat", etc) are based solely on how many posts you've made, and do not affect your nation.

Thanks to the many people who suggested new titles, especially Sirocco and Thestalker!