by Max Barry

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NationStates looking odd lately? Here's why

by Max Barry
Sun, 15 Jun 2003

Quite a few people have reported a variety of problems since v1.5, all stemming from browser caching issues. This means that instead of seeing a fresh new page when you click a link, your browser shows you an old one it has stored locally from last time you visited. So if you play two nations, you might a mixture of pages referring to each of them; or you might see the same "Issues" page every time, even though your issues should be changing.

This problem should now be fixed: our server should now firmly instruct your browser not to show you old pages. However, until your browser asks our server for a new page, we can't tell it to stop showing you the old one. To get things working again, you may need to manually refresh/reload obstinate pages. See the Known Problems page for details and updates.