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The Most Eco-Friendly Governments in the World

The following governments spend the greatest amounts on environmental issues. This may not always be reflected in the quality of that nation's environment.

NationWA CategoryMotto
245,471.The Republic of Bright StarsAnarchy Lawless Wasteland“OK”
245,472.The Colony of RomarlaniaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“Hăituită de procurori și de statul paralel”
245,473.The Dominion of KingdiniumIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Nulla tenaci invia est via”
245,474.The Academic Dominion of WoolleviaIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Non Torsii Subligarium”
245,475.The Empire of ThrashiaCompulsory Consumerist State Aspirational Worker State“Emolior Pacem ab Veritas”
245,476.The Kingdom of BolriegIron Fist Consumerists Champions of Commerce“Ad victoriam, non sibi sed patriae”
245,477.The Holy Capitalist Green States of CaninopeCapitalizt Freedom-Loving Libertarians“Fairness is our policy”
245,478.The Architeuthis Dux of Cthonian WastelandInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“Ia! Ia! - Azathoth, Azathoth RA RA RA!”
245,479.The Armed Corporation of XjaviriaCorporate Police State Entrepreneurial Freedom Zone“All bastards is bastards, but some bastards is bastards”
245,480.The Hostile Corporate Takeover of SchlemeilsInoffensive Centrist Democracy Communists“404: Motto not found.”
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