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The Largest Welfare Programs in the World

Governments ranked highly spend the most on social welfare programs. Nations ranked low tend to have weak or non-existent government welfare.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Webcomic RolePlaying Game of Darths and DroidsCorrupt Dictatorship Corrupt Liberal Dictatorship“Jar Jar, you're a genius!”
2.The Anarchy of BlogotopiaDemocratic Socialists Hell“Free Palestine”
3.The PS2 Puppet of ThalasseLiberal Democratic Socialists Ivory Tower Reality Disconnect Zone“Stop reading my motto!”
4.The Socialist Republic of KilobugyaLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“Happiness is always a new idea”
5.The Agricultural Paradise of AppleJackyLiberal Democratic Socialists Ivory Tower Reality Disconnect Zone“Amō Amōrem”
6.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine CervineDemocratic Socialists Hell“Where the deer’s swift leap startles the wild bee”
7.The USF Socialist Republic of KaradenScandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“Strength through Unity, Unity through Karaden”
8.The Serene Compassionate Utopia of SafjLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“Live Life How You Choose; Live It Well.”
9.The People's Republic of The Crooked BeatLeft-wing Utopia Drugged-Out Hippies“Get up for the down stroke”
10.The People's Socialist Republic of UrgabahScandinavian Liberal Paradise Gay Marriage State“Struggle, Solidarity, and Socialism!”
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