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Arms Control Treaty Now In Effect
No Targeting / No Launching
Learn To Love Again


51.whyNaught00 Nations
52.The PS Legion00 Nations
53.Pootie Tangia00 Nations
54.Se Sing Ba00 Nations
55.SCP EmpireFlag00 NationsThe SCP Foundation
56.Union of Soviet Socialist Republics00 Nations
57.Vraskoron-20 Nations
58.ONA - Oceania Nuclear AllianceFlag-50 NationsOceania Region
59.United Nuclear Fascists-71 Nation
60.BADCOM-82 Nations
61.AurreliusFlag-151 NationAurrelius
62.Nday5-271 Nation
63.BAD Reserve-461 Nation
64.1984-491 Nation
65.Lets bomb-522 Nations
66.The Potato AlliancesFlag-550 NationsThe Potato Alliance
67.Me Just Me All Me Only MeFlag-631 NationFylkirvegr
68.NEFELIFlag-709 NationsNefelian Union
69.Industrialville Nuclear Council-701 NationIndustrialville Hegemony
70.TRGMFlag-700 NationsThe Region Of Gargery
71.The Horny Minions-721 Nation
72.Swimming Fish-721 Nation
73.Kill me Penguinya and Anatoliyanskiy-721 Nation
74.The Great Faction Of Flurp Flurp Land -771 NationThe Great Region Of Flurp Flurp Land
75.Tiberium revolutionFlag-805 NationsThe Exodial Hatchery
76.GLADIO Defense System-821 Nation
77.Missile Command-831 Nation
78.Polairit-912 Nations
79.Faction of SupremacyFlag-911 NationLand of Supremacy
80.Crimson Hook AllianceFlag-921 NationCrimson Hook Federation
81.Lonestander-931 Nation
82.Whitefall Nuclear Defense Council-931 NationFederation of Whitefall
83.poggers-951 NationShibeland
84.Followers of the ApocalypseFlag-951 NationHellhole
85.Libertas Nuclear AllianceFlag-1002 NationsLibertas
86.Chicken nukeFlag-1002 NationsChicken overlords
87.Samtaeguk Federal Freedom Fighters-1001 Nation
88.Stupid Faction-1001 Nation
89.fuwwy factionFlag-1001 NationOld world Order
90.Totally Not the AA-1001 Nation
91.Advocate of the Black FlagFlag-1001 NationThe Greater Phoenix Alliance
92.Thermobarack Obama-1001 NationPandemonia
93.I am GrootFlag-1001 NationI am Groot
94.New RP!!!!-1001 NationNew Rp
95.Nuuk NukesFlag-1001 NationTreciene
96.Nuke this TUF-1001 Nation
97.The Post Nuclear Wastelands of America-1001 NationLand of Prosperity
98.The Joker and the bois-1001 Nation
99.Imperiums of Light Self Defense Force-1001 NationThe Imperiums of Light
100.the g force-1001 Nation

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Factions are scored on Strikes minus Radiation.