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SoBSoTAugustin Alliance0303650
VelarusAugustin Alliance0303650
Clarissa frayAugustin Alliance0302650
9 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0284650
11 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0284650
7 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0284650
19 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0282640
17 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0282640
10 stroke rollAugustin Alliance0282650
2002 bong hits for jesusAugustin Alliance0281640
DaxitermyAugustin Alliance02711840
GreendsAugustin Alliance0243500
WsstoryAugustin Alliance02411890
The FleyskyAugustin Alliance0235500
Cle brait 20Augustin Alliance0223500
Cle brait 24Augustin Alliance0223500
Cle brait 21Augustin Alliance0223500
Cle brait 25Augustin Alliance0223500
Cle brait 14Augustin Alliance0223500
Cle brait 23Augustin Alliance0223500
Nidobhan Artisan 108Augustin Alliance50218430
Eakiran FederationAugustin Alliance02175027
Cle brait 26Augustin Alliance9217500
Cle brait 33Augustin Alliance10216500
Nidobhan Artisan 7Augustin Alliance133215490
Cle brait 59Augustin Alliance10215500
Hew balmoralAugustin Alliance0215500
Cle brait 56Augustin Alliance10215500
Cle brait 62Augustin Alliance10215500
Orcanarwhal7Augustin Alliance0213500
Hew beaufrontAugustin Alliance0211500
Rex 51Augustin Alliance0211500
Federation of eakiran nationsAugustin Alliance02105011
Cle brait 06Augustin Alliance0205500
Nidobhan Artisan 104Augustin Alliance204203430
Tesdai 173Augustin Alliance0199430
Tesdai 184Augustin Alliance0199430
Tesdai 191Augustin Alliance0199420
Tesdai 174Augustin Alliance0199430
Tesdai 186Augustin Alliance0199430
Tesdai 189Augustin Alliance0199420
Tesdai 188Augustin Alliance0199420
Tesdai 183Augustin Alliance0199430
Tesdai 175Augustin Alliance0199430
Marco alisdairAugustin Alliance0195650
Vpr 028Augustin Alliance019580
Nidobhan Artisan 8Augustin Alliance180194360
Vpr 057Augustin Alliance019100
Vpr 053Augustin Alliance019000
Vpr 0e9Augustin Alliance018910
VandorenAugustin Alliance0188500
Vpr 040Augustin Alliance018870
Tesdai 192Augustin Alliance0188420
Orcanarwhal5Augustin Alliance0187500
Orcanarwhal10Augustin Alliance0187500
Psy-auragoraAugustin Alliance106184620
Cul-Ed-SacAugustin Alliance0184290
The KearsAugustin Alliance0184500
Western Sentinel StatesAugustin Alliance0183700
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Nidobhan Artisan 96Augustin Alliance50177430
RelkadiaAugustin Alliance11176500
Braitian fanaticsAugustin Alliance0176500
Nevermind this is the braitain guardAugustin Alliance0176500
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South virjiniaAugustin Alliance0174500
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LefttanivaAugustin Alliance0173120
Nidobhan Artisan 35Augustin Alliance117173500
Saborgatra is not coolAugustin Alliance01724857
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Nidobhan Artisan 37Augustin Alliance137172500
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Montgomery centerAugustin Alliance0171500
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Upper dirilandsAugustin Alliance102169170
Rex 49Augustin Alliance0166500
SacretiumAugustin Alliance11162680
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Fnr card puppet 16Augustin Alliance217159400
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2007 bong hits for jesusAugustin Alliance0152640

Shield can be used to knock out Incoming Nukes. You can shoot down any in-flight Nukes regardless of who they are aimed at.

Locate in-flight nukes under Launches or Incoming, and use the DESTROY button to eliminate them. This consumes 1 Shield per Nuke.