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BrandoslaviaUPPERCUTS47 Strikes47 RadiationBastonne
Megatronus PrimeRogue Squadron III57 Strikes26 RadiationPort Ember
HexiorRogue Squadron III27 Strikes16 RadiationLuneii
New SalvaUPPERCUTS131 Strikes100 RadiationHekseville
TRS6UPPERCUTS85 Strikes85 RadiationHekseville
Fud meder valliquinnUPPERCUTS26 Strikes26 RadiationPort Ember
2nd Angels of the Apocalypse DivisionUPPERCUTS38 Strikes7 RadiationPort Ember
Trans SlaviaThe Red Army112 Strikes100 RadiationPort Ember
The Isle of TinlandUPPERCUTS3 Strikes0 RadiationBastonne
Testing nation 4489UPPERCUTS75 Strikes75 RadiationBastonne
Testing nation 4489UPPERCUTS6 Strikes6 RadiationBastonne
Testing nation 4489UPPERCUTS7 Strikes7 RadiationBastonne
AussandroseUPPERCUTS75 Strikes63 RadiationPort Ember
The Isle of TinlandUPPERCUTS20 Strikes1 RadiationPort Ember
Raul7UPPERCUTS103 Strikes100 RadiationThe true lorax
Urial100UPPERCUTS142 Strikes100 RadiationBastonne
Eel HarbourUPPERCUTS68 Strikes51 RadiationWolfana
The Isle of TinlandUPPERCUTS99 Strikes99 RadiationEast mereth
Eel HarbourUPPERCUTS49 Strikes49 RadiationWolflandil
The Bureaucratic TerritoriesUPPERCUTS37 Strikes27 RadiationNeu nederland
AussandroseUPPERCUTS37 Strikes37 RadiationNeu nederland
DorlesUPPERCUTS48 Strikes35 RadiationNeu nederland
The Bureaucratic TerritoriesUPPERCUTS73 Strikes73 RadiationNeu nederland
DorlesUPPERCUTS65 Strikes65 RadiationNeu nederland
HumbycosarlyThe Monarchist Entente10 Strikes6 RadiationNorth German Realm
EllecorThe E Team15 Strikes15 RadiationVal Orlais
MedmaThe E Team25 Strikes5 RadiationVal Orlais
SkywalkertopiaThe E Team64 Strikes64 RadiationLa royeux
River the howling arrowThe E Team59 Strikes59 RadiationLa royeux
Barnaby screwlooseThe E Team21 Strikes21 RadiationFallen Albali
IvetniaThe E Team27 Strikes27 RadiationLa royeux
MedmaThe E Team53 Strikes53 RadiationThe pathowogen
MedmaThe E Team42 Strikes42 RadiationLa royeux
Barnaby screwlooseThe E Team18 Strikes18 RadiationThe Batavia
VitsmunirThe E Team31 Strikes31 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
East aerokThe E Team28 Strikes28 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
VitsmunirThe E Team40 Strikes40 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
RudolphopolisThe E Team26 Strikes26 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
West aerokThe E Team6 Strikes6 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
West aerokThe E Team24 Strikes24 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
EyeseepeedudeKarmageddon25 Strikes23 RadiationArtemizistan
EyeseepeedudeKarmageddon51 Strikes51 RadiationArtemizistan
EyeseepeedudeKarmageddon19 Strikes19 RadiationArtemizistan
Club LuxKarmageddon1 Strike1 RadiationArtemizistan
Mega JortsKarmageddon2 Strikes2 RadiationAEY Inc
Mega JortsKarmageddon2 Strikes2 RadiationAEY Inc
Mega JortsKarmageddon2 Strikes2 RadiationAEY Inc
PrincessUnicornKarmageddon116 Strikes100 RadiationAEY Inc
Mega JortsKarmageddon29 Strikes29 RadiationAEY Inc
Mega JortsKarmageddon7 Strikes7 RadiationAEY Inc
SqueeblandKarmageddon37 Strikes37 RadiationAEY Inc
SqueeblandKarmageddon15 Strikes5 RadiationAEY Inc
Mega JortsKarmageddon58 Strikes58 RadiationAEY Inc
SqueeblandKarmageddon42 Strikes42 RadiationAEY Inc
SqueeblandKarmageddon16 Strikes16 RadiationAEY Inc
RedsingtonKarmageddon55 Strikes55 RadiationAEY Inc
RedsingtonKarmageddon22 Strikes22 RadiationAEY Inc
RedsingtonKarmageddon24 Strikes23 RadiationAEY Inc
EyeseepeedudeKarmageddon7 Strikes7 RadiationArkeyana
Cybertron100000000Galactic Wars154 Strikes100 RadiationCircei
Axis-guardsGalactic Wars64 Strikes43 RadiationBloodshade
The immortal exar kunGalactic Wars23 Strikes9 RadiationFallen Albali
The immortal exar kunGalactic Wars91 Strikes91 RadiationFallen Albali
Axis-guardsGalactic Wars57 Strikes57 RadiationFallen Albali
FayetenamKornn Remembrance Faction175 Strikes100 RadiationWolfana
FufJ o Jian Nuclear Program64 Strikes14 RadiationThe systems confederation
J o Jian Capture Squad FoxtrotJ o Jian Nuclear Program161 Strikes100 RadiationTor elasor
FufJ o Jian Nuclear Program86 Strikes86 RadiationThe Earth United Government
MoureelJ o Jian Nuclear Program25 Strikes23 RadiationEast mereth
MoureelJ o Jian Nuclear Program27 Strikes27 RadiationThe Batavia
Puppets Are ComplicatedKill Me Now55 Strikes55 RadiationThe true lorax
NomvatskKill Me Now56 Strikes56 RadiationThe true lorax
The HingKill Me Now36 Strikes36 RadiationThe true lorax
MawliKill Me Now48 Strikes48 RadiationThe true lorax
Laodamia vKill Me Now1 Strike1 RadiationThe Batavia
Angel SugarKill Me Now49 Strikes49 RadiationNeu nederland
Angel SugarKill Me Now9 Strikes6 RadiationNeu nederland
Laodamia ixKill Me Now28 Strikes23 RadiationNeu nederland
Laodamia ixKill Me Now33 Strikes33 RadiationAllied Iran
KesikiaKill Me Now58 Strikes58 RadiationNorth German Realm
DutchenlundCopa Allience116 Strikes100 RadiationUvoan
Laodamia iiKill Me Now12 Strikes10 RadiationThe Batavia
Angel SugarKill Me Now44 Strikes44 RadiationTwilva thir
CarnabeeKill Me Now101 Strikes54 RadiationNew salirian order
TambelinKill Me Now101 Strikes100 RadiationNew salirian order
CeadhlamKill Me Now84 Strikes84 RadiationFogwood wilderness
Laodamia viiKill Me Now59 Strikes56 RadiationArtemizistan
Daily HoneyKill Me Now126 Strikes66 RadiationFogwood wilderness
Laodamia ixKill Me Now44 Strikes44 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
AstrologistKill Me Now127 Strikes100 RadiationFogwood wilderness
Laodamia iiiKill Me Now44 Strikes1 RadiationDruetrahm
Laodamia viiKill Me Now44 Strikes44 RadiationNantoraka
KoregarC.A.R.D.2 Strikes1 RadiationArtemizistan
PinopinolandThe Resistance70 Strikes44 RadiationThe Batavia
KoregarC.A.R.D.48 Strikes48 RadiationArtemizistan
KoregarC.A.R.D.15 Strikes15 RadiationArtemizistan
PinopinolandThe Resistance56 Strikes56 RadiationCatalibla
BasonieThe Resistance127 Strikes100 RadiationCatalibla
Dream land space forceThe Resistance11 Strikes0 RadiationSolarist vz
Dream land space forceThe Resistance63 Strikes63 RadiationSolarist vz
KoregarC.A.R.D.36 Strikes36 RadiationSolarist vz
Dream land space forceThe Resistance64 Strikes37 RadiationCatalibla
Merlorrld mundocThe Resistance125 Strikes100 RadiationWolfana
HolerijC.A.R.D.5 Strikes2 RadiationPort Ember
HolerijC.A.R.D.12 Strikes12 RadiationPort Ember
ZghonaC.A.R.D.15 Strikes1 RadiationSolarist vz
CaerisC.A.R.D.57 Strikes57 RadiationAsfalerhet
CaerisC.A.R.D.14 Strikes14 RadiationAsfalerhet
CaerisC.A.R.D.29 Strikes29 RadiationAsfalerhet
VostovaC.A.R.D.21 Strikes13 RadiationThe Batavia
VostovaC.A.R.D.87 Strikes87 RadiationTwilva thir
EchonsnadaC.A.R.D.131 Strikes100 RadiationTwilva thir
HowemelC.A.R.D.130 Strikes100 RadiationTwilva thir
LynttynC.A.R.D.135 Strikes100 RadiationNew salirian order
RwepisadC.A.R.D.166 Strikes100 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
GiradaC.A.R.D.166 Strikes63 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
YspC.A.R.D.83 Strikes70 RadiationDruetrahm
SammonaC.A.R.D.125 Strikes70 RadiationDruetrahm
SakarijaC.A.R.D.125 Strikes0 RadiationDruetrahm
HolerijC.A.R.D.31 Strikes31 RadiationPort Ember
GorunduC.A.R.D.42 Strikes42 RadiationPort Ember
YspC.A.R.D.30 Strikes30 RadiationFallen Albali
Libertaria tmC.A.R.D.24 Strikes1 RadiationPort Ember
Libertaria tmC.A.R.D.64 Strikes64 RadiationPort Ember
Not funny didnt laughC.A.R.D.102 Strikes100 RadiationAsfalerhet
GiradaC.A.R.D.37 Strikes37 RadiationSolarist vz
Drf office of recruitmentC.A.R.D.16 Strikes14 RadiationSolarist vz
HolerijC.A.R.D.55 Strikes55 RadiationEast mereth
ZghonaC.A.R.D.82 Strikes82 RadiationAllied Iran
GorunduC.A.R.D.23 Strikes23 RadiationNorth German Realm
European bolsheviksThe Great Red Armageddon4 Strikes0 RadiationFallen Albali
European bolsheviksThe Great Red Armageddon84 Strikes84 RadiationFallen Albali
European bolsheviksThe Great Red Armageddon21 Strikes16 RadiationFallen Albali
GrantonlatisGalactic Wars106 Strikes100 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
Coalition of North American StatesSpess glassing98 Strikes97 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
Coalition of North American StatesSpess glassing3 Strikes3 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
The SalaxiansPotato Alliance5 Strikes4 RadiationArtemizistan
RhinonononPotato Alliance64 Strikes61 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
MaranorPotato Alliance17 Strikes17 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
RhinonononPotato Alliance12 Strikes12 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
MaranorPotato Alliance89 Strikes83 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
Lestlandian greeceThe Great Red Armageddon100 Strikes100 RadiationThe pathowogen
Yugo-lestian slaviaThe Great Red Armageddon100 Strikes100 RadiationThe pathowogen
Linkin park unionPotato Alliance3 Strikes3 RadiationThe Batavia
Linkin park unionPotato Alliance6 Strikes5 RadiationThe Batavia
Linkin park unionPotato Alliance50 Strikes50 RadiationThe Chuck
Soviet LestlandThe Great Red Armageddon26 Strikes14 RadiationFallen Albali
Soviet Party of RussiaCPSU In Exile52 Strikes51 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
BalorPotato Alliance19 Strikes1 RadiationSolarist vz
The edge of hopePotato Alliance3 Strikes3 RadiationThe Batavia
The Russian NationsThe Great Red Armageddon151 Strikes100 RadiationThe Earth United Government
East germany ddrThe Great Red Armageddon90 Strikes90 RadiationLuneii
East germany ddrThe Great Red Armageddon11 Strikes10 RadiationLuneii
Soviet LestlandThe Great Red Armageddon17 Strikes17 RadiationWolfana
Soviet LestlandThe Great Red Armageddon69 Strikes69 RadiationWolfana
The Osean-Belkan AllianceThe Great Red Armageddon126 Strikes40 RadiationThe peoples soviet republc of metra
The Osean-Belkan AllianceThe Great Red Armageddon60 Strikes60 RadiationThe peoples soviet republc of metra
AchainThe Great Red Armageddon109 Strikes100 RadiationWolflandil
Linkin park unionPotato Alliance21 Strikes21 RadiationThe Chuck
CockatiellandPotato Alliance71 Strikes65 RadiationThe Chuck
Linkin park unionPotato Alliance9 Strikes9 RadiationThe Chuck
CockatiellandPotato Alliance35 Strikes35 RadiationThe Chuck
The SalaxalansPotato Alliance11 Strikes8 RadiationThe Chuck
RogamarkPotato Alliance50 Strikes50 RadiationThe Batavia
RogamarkPotato Alliance2 Strikes2 RadiationThe Batavia
RogamarkPotato Alliance6 Strikes6 RadiationThe Batavia
11th dream land divisionThe Resistance108 Strikes100 RadiationWolflandil
JunaricaPotato Alliance22 Strikes22 RadiationEast mereth
KeahnuPotato Alliance36 Strikes36 RadiationEast mereth
JunaricaPotato Alliance9 Strikes5 RadiationEast mereth
KeahnuPotato Alliance72 Strikes64 RadiationEast mereth
The edge of hopePotato Alliance75 Strikes75 RadiationNeu nederland
The Quiescent PlatypusPotato Alliance26 Strikes0 RadiationArtemizistan
The Quiescent PlatypusPotato Alliance53 Strikes14 RadiationArtemizistan
EvileiPotato Alliance27 Strikes4 RadiationArtemizistan
Glenda Slagg RebornCrimson Sea Missile Command29 Strikes7 RadiationThe union of human nations
DesaltaniaPotato Alliance103 Strikes87 RadiationArtemizistan
DesaltaniaPotato Alliance13 Strikes13 RadiationArtemizistan
ImperiallyCrimson Sea Missile Command50 Strikes37 RadiationNeu nederland
The Quiescent PlatypusPotato Alliance86 Strikes86 RadiationArtemizistan
The Unified Missourtama StatesCrimson Sea Missile Command59 Strikes49 RadiationNeu nederland
ImperiallyCrimson Sea Missile Command58 Strikes58 RadiationNorth German Realm
The Unified Missourtama StatesCrimson Sea Missile Command51 Strikes51 RadiationNorth German Realm
The world of all timeCrimson Sea Missile Command15 Strikes5 RadiationWolflandil
The world of all timeCrimson Sea Missile Command14 Strikes14 RadiationWolflandil
The world of all timeCrimson Sea Missile Command81 Strikes81 RadiationWolflandil
The Ninth AllianceCrimson Sea Missile Command9 Strikes2 RadiationNorth German Realm
AsmoviaPotato Alliance27 Strikes27 RadiationKaedijork
AlekseandreaPotato Alliance42 Strikes17 RadiationKaedijork
GASeptumCrimson Sea Missile Command18 Strikes14 RadiationNorth German Realm
DustendiezCrimson Sea Missile Command16 Strikes16 RadiationNorth German Realm
KaumaraImperial Air Defence Command52 Strikes45 RadiationKaedijork
The Grumpy GrandpaPotato Alliance109 Strikes100 RadiationKaedijork
KaumaraImperial Air Defence Command31 Strikes31 RadiationKaedijork
United capitalist scumTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE28 Strikes11 RadiationDie Alles Fabrik
VentrixTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE52 Strikes0 RadiationThe Batavia
United capitalist scumTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE21 Strikes21 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
United capitalist scumTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE68 Strikes68 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
Knight CityTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE19 Strikes14 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
VentrixTHE VENTRIX WAR MACHINCE67 Strikes51 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
The red kingsApollo 1311 Strikes11 RadiationScottish Socialists
The red kingsApollo 1326 Strikes19 RadiationScottish Socialists
The red kingsApollo 1370 Strikes70 RadiationScottish Socialists
KhoroshoApollo 1375 Strikes51 RadiationDie Alles Fabrik
Galax6Spess glassing17 Strikes9 RadiationKaedijork
CellanSpess glassing3 Strikes0 RadiationThe Batavia
KhoroshoApollo 132 Strikes2 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
CellanSpess glassing10 Strikes10 RadiationKaedijork
CellanSpess glassing19 Strikes7 RadiationKaedijork
KhoroshoApollo 1336 Strikes36 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
Galax6Spess glassing49 Strikes49 RadiationKaedijork
CellanSpess glassing66 Strikes66 RadiationKaedijork
KhoroshoApollo 1311 Strikes11 RadiationThe Batavia
DavietwdCouncil of Constructed Languages149 Strikes100 RadiationSamantha-Higgs
CellanSpess glassing17 Strikes17 RadiationKaedijork
Galax6Spess glassing40 Strikes40 RadiationKaedijork
Scandinavian liberal paradisesSLP Punk110 Strikes100 RadiationPort Ember
KarteriaCalamity Refuge21 Strikes21 RadiationNorth German Realm
KarteriaCalamity Refuge6 Strikes6 RadiationABC123 8
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 10
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 10
KarteriaCalamity Refuge8 Strikes8 RadiationABC123 10
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 9
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 7
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 6
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 4
KarteriaCalamity Refuge9 Strikes9 RadiationABC123 3
Aurora UTHE LIGHT BRIGADE6 Strikes6 RadiationSolarist vz
SkotlandiaTHE LIGHT BRIGADE13 Strikes13 RadiationAsfalerhet
Aurora UTHE LIGHT BRIGADE22 Strikes22 RadiationSolarist vz
New eaenumTHE LIGHT BRIGADE15 Strikes15 RadiationSolarist vz
AnseiaTHE LIGHT BRIGADE105 Strikes100 RadiationPort Ember
SkotlandiaTHE LIGHT BRIGADE47 Strikes47 RadiationAsfalerhet
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE18 Strikes11 RadiationABC123 6
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE18 Strikes18 RadiationABC123 7
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE18 Strikes18 RadiationABC123 9
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE18 Strikes18 RadiationABC123 8
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE18 Strikes18 RadiationABC123 10
Government handoutsTHE LIGHT BRIGADE11 Strikes11 RadiationABC123 5
DrunkerlandTHE LIGHT BRIGADE120 Strikes0 RadiationSamantha-Higgs
DrunkerlandTHE LIGHT BRIGADE154 Strikes100 RadiationVictoriaans Nederlands
Suky repulijaNSLeft Posadist Front13 Strikes13 RadiationColorful
KatolanNSLeft Posadist Front18 Strikes5 RadiationWar Demon Shusui
KatolanNSLeft Posadist Front39 Strikes39 RadiationGreat Yuri War
KatolanNSLeft Posadist Front39 Strikes39 RadiationReimu x Marisa
KatolanNSLeft Posadist Front17 Strikes17 RadiationHomura x Madoka
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front17 Strikes17 RadiationDeath Moon
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front10 Strikes10 RadiationShev palpatine
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front17 Strikes17 RadiationMy Garbage
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front16 Strikes16 RadiationRose of May
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front6 Strikes6 RadiationMarriage
IwcaNSLeft Posadist Front13 Strikes13 RadiationSubmerged
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front15 Strikes0 RadiationLord Zamasu
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front15 Strikes15 RadiationIll be back
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front15 Strikes9 RadiationDeciduous
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front15 Strikes15 RadiationOkuu
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front14 Strikes14 RadiationThe Wedding
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front13 Strikes13 RadiationImmaterial
The world in songNSLeft Posadist Front9 Strikes0 RadiationShrek is love Shrek is life
The world in songNSLeft Posadist Front32 Strikes27 RadiationArea 51 Raid
Poram CompaniesNSLeft Posadist Front34 Strikes34 RadiationCorn Kernel
Vietnam People NavyNSLeft Posadist Front46 Strikes2 RadiationSynne Industries
United nations of azerbaijanNSLeft Posadist Front53 Strikes53 RadiationPharae
So comrades come rallyNSLeft Posadist Front96 Strikes96 RadiationAsfalerhet
Greater VietnamNSLeft Posadist Front53 Strikes53 RadiationPharae
VorvorosNSLeft Posadist Front9 Strikes9 RadiationThe true lorax
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front22 Strikes22 RadiationFogwood wilderness
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationNew salirian order
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front13 Strikes13 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front1 Strike1 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front17 Strikes17 RadiationDruetrahm
The gay best friendNSLeft Posadist Front17 Strikes17 RadiationNantoraka
RedternetiaNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes24 RadiationMadoka x Homura
RedternetiaNSLeft Posadist Front22 Strikes0 RadiationGreat Yuri War
RedternetiaNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationHomura x Madoka
RedternetiaNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationWar Demon Shusui
RedternetiaNSLeft Posadist Front22 Strikes22 RadiationReimu x Marisa
KashanoseNSLeft Posadist Front24 Strikes24 RadiationDeath Moon
KashanoseNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes14 RadiationMy Garbage
KashanoseNSLeft Posadist Front13 Strikes13 RadiationDeath Moon
KashanoseNSLeft Posadist Front25 Strikes25 RadiationRose of May
KashanoseNSLeft Posadist Front24 Strikes24 RadiationSubmerged
Cool Country for Cool GuysNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationLord Zamasu
United nations of turkmenistanNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationOkuu
United nations of turkmenistanNSLeft Posadist Front27 Strikes27 RadiationIll be back
United nations of turkmenistanNSLeft Posadist Front28 Strikes28 RadiationThe Wedding
Vietnam People NavyNSLeft Posadist Front98 Strikes98 RadiationHekseville
Legitimate VietnamNSLeft Posadist Front39 Strikes39 RadiationThe Earth United Government
Fear of a black and red planet 4Black and red planet108 Strikes100 RadiationThe gryphonic states
Hamura citySenko-Sans Palace81 Strikes81 RadiationWolfana
Vichya franceSenko-Sans Palace67 Strikes64 RadiationLuneii
UbertasNSLeft Posadist Front95 Strikes95 RadiationCircei
KitsunekiSenko-Sans Palace137 Strikes56 RadiationFogwood wilderness
Sol-NipponSenko-Sans Palace133 Strikes100 RadiationNew salirian order
Kiryuu citySenko-Sans Palace89 Strikes89 RadiationDruetrahm
Kiryuu citySenko-Sans Palace89 Strikes11 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
The Sakura NipponSenko-Sans Palace89 Strikes0 RadiationNantoraka
OkamakiSenko-Sans Palace3 Strikes3 RadiationThe true lorax
OkamakiSenko-Sans Palace97 Strikes97 RadiationThe true lorax
The Sakura NipponSenko-Sans Palace58 Strikes14 RadiationAsfalerhet
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace10 Strikes0 RadiationGrand Indochina
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace12 Strikes4 RadiationArtemizistan
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace7 Strikes7 RadiationArtemizistan
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace2 Strikes2 RadiationElonsmarsland
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace19 Strikes5 RadiationGodslaves
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace28 Strikes0 RadiationAnimao
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace19 Strikes19 RadiationAnimao prime
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace19 Strikes19 RadiationPantsu Playmates
TholasyneSenko-Sans Palace28 Strikes28 RadiationKalaveli
East ben fre birieThe Legio Retardus30 Strikes19 RadiationWolfana
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace15 Strikes15 RadiationArtemizistan
East ben fre birieThe Legio Retardus20 Strikes20 RadiationWolflandil
East ben fre birieThe Legio Retardus34 Strikes34 RadiationLuneii
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace9 Strikes0 RadiationAnimao prime
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace13 Strikes0 RadiationKalaveli
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace24 Strikes8 RadiationThe true lorax
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace13 Strikes13 RadiationNihongi
Pan-Asiatic StatesThe Red Army9 Strikes1 RadiationCatalibla
Pan-Asiatic StatesThe Red Army8 Strikes8 RadiationFallen Albali
Regna loreauApollo 1358 Strikes58 RadiationNuclear Ghandi
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace13 Strikes13 RadiationIngolmels
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace7 Strikes7 RadiationElonsmarsland
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace11 Strikes11 RadiationGodslaves
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace16 Strikes16 RadiationKalaveli
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace10 Strikes10 RadiationPantsu Playmates
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace21 Strikes21 RadiationAnimao
FrigateSenko-Sans Palace1 Strike1 RadiationAnimao prime
KitsunekiSenko-Sans Palace14 Strikes14 RadiationThe pathowogen
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace12 Strikes12 RadiationThe union of human nations
KitsunekiSenko-Sans Palace14 Strikes14 RadiationCatalibla
KitsunekiSenko-Sans Palace16 Strikes16 RadiationFallen Albali
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace18 Strikes18 RadiationThe Earth United Government
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace19 Strikes19 RadiationThe gryphonic states
Chun NanSenko-Sans Palace25 Strikes25 RadiationUvoan
The Sakura NipponSenko-Sans Palace5 Strikes5 RadiationWolflandil
The Sakura NipponSenko-Sans Palace27 Strikes27 RadiationAsfalerhet
The Sakura NipponSenko-Sans Palace54 Strikes54 RadiationWolfana
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace12 Strikes0 RadiationAsfalerhet
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace42 Strikes0 RadiationVdara
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace29 Strikes0 RadiationElonsmarsland
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace22 Strikes22 RadiationKalaveli
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace25 Strikes22 RadiationAnimao prime
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace20 Strikes20 RadiationAnimao
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace23 Strikes23 RadiationNihongi
Senko-SanSenko-Sans Palace13 Strikes13 RadiationWolfana
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace3 Strikes0 RadiationScottish Socialists
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace4 Strikes0 RadiationStanier
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace11 Strikes0 RadiationIngolmels
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace8 Strikes0 RadiationNew salirian order
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace5 Strikes0 RadiationNew salirian order
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace7 Strikes0 RadiationFogwood wilderness
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace8 Strikes0 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace1 Strike0 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace1 Strike0 RadiationDruetrahm
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace7 Strikes3 RadiationNantoraka
KyavanApollo 1312 Strikes0 RadiationThe true lorax
KyavanApollo 1321 Strikes4 RadiationAEY Inc
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace6 Strikes6 RadiationNeu nederland
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace5 Strikes5 RadiationNantoraka
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace7 Strikes7 RadiationFogwood wilderness
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace6 Strikes6 RadiationWolfana
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace10 Strikes10 RadiationNew salirian order
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace3 Strikes3 RadiationNew salirian order
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace13 Strikes13 RadiationThe pathowogen
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace11 Strikes11 RadiationCatalibla
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace6 Strikes6 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace3 Strikes3 RadiationDynastic systems of salir
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace6 Strikes6 RadiationDruetrahm
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace16 Strikes16 RadiationNorth German Realm
SoleannaSenko-Sans Palace5 Strikes5 RadiationStanier
KyavanApollo 1311 Strikes11 RadiationPersonified Weapons
KyavanApollo 1310 Strikes10 RadiationJohn Moses Browning
KyavanApollo 138 Strikes8 RadiationIndependent Aviation Consultants
KyavanApollo 1315 Strikes15 RadiationAEY Inc
KyavanApollo 1310 Strikes10 RadiationCatalibla
KyavanApollo 1310 Strikes10 RadiationThe pathowogen
KyavanApollo 1313 Strikes13 RadiationThe true lorax
KyavanApollo 135 Strikes5 RadiationWolflandil
KyavanApollo 1314 Strikes14 RadiationWolfana
Australian rePublicNone14 Strikes2 RadiationFallen Albali
Australian rePublicNone6 Strikes6 RadiationNihongi
Australian rePublicNone15 Strikes15 RadiationAnimao
Australian rePublicNone19 Strikes19 RadiationNihongi
Australian rePublicNone15 Strikes15 RadiationThe true lorax
Australian rePublicNone16 Strikes16 RadiationAsfalerhet
Australian rePublicNone4 Strikes4 RadiationPort Ember
Australian rePublicNone1 Strike1 RadiationStanier

Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.