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Gun JesusFuster Cluck Coalition5250680
Banana BastardFuster Cluck Coalition50543890
Scottish SocialistsFuster Cluck Coalition4660200
Garden at 6th Mile RoadFuster Cluck Coalition4620500
The union of human nationsFuster Cluck Coalition4164460
Macarthur juntaFuster Cluck Coalition38502000
Alpha carthagoFuster Cluck Coalition29862000
VdaraFuster Cluck Coalition2950500
Die Alles FabrikFuster Cluck Coalition2890500
Corsica et sardiniaFuster Cluck Coalition25915630
AsfalerhetFuster Cluck Coalition2311310
The peoples soviet republc of metraFuster Cluck Coalition206111120
The systems confederationFuster Cluck Coalition2000500
NatuurkundeFuster Cluck Coalition19825500
Germaine Athena Mercy Sylvi Rx ZieglerFuster Cluck Coalition19625500
StanierFuster Cluck Coalition16651500
Synne IndustriesFuster Cluck Coalition13939500
The ChuckFuster Cluck Coalition1270502
Alien StarsFuster Cluck Coalition12150500
Samantha-HiggsFuster Cluck Coalition1180500
The gryphonic statesFuster Cluck Coalition1080500
Nuclear GhandiFuster Cluck Coalition10719500
KaedijorkFuster Cluck Coalition970440
North German RealmFuster Cluck Coalition9415210
Dynastic systems of salirFuster Cluck Coalition830660
Twilva thirFuster Cluck Coalition8338660
Field Marshal Jacob the Mad DoomguyFuster Cluck Coalition831272000
DruetrahmFuster Cluck Coalition830660
Clarissa the Happy and Cheerful RobotFuster Cluck Coalition831272000
Tor elasorFuster Cluck Coalition75040
Fogwood wildernessFuster Cluck Coalition750500
New salirian orderFuster Cluck Coalition750500
PharaeFuster Cluck Coalition750140
John Moses BrowningFuster Cluck Coalition7567500
Val OrlaisFuster Cluck Coalition730250
La royeuxFuster Cluck Coalition70060
BloodshadeFuster Cluck Coalition560100
Fallen AlbaliFuster Cluck Coalition530450
UvoanFuster Cluck Coalition53126810
Grand IndochinaFuster Cluck Coalition52152740
NantorakaFuster Cluck Coalition500500
AEY IncFuster Cluck Coalition470500
AuserielFuster Cluck Coalition3958190
The BataviaFuster Cluck Coalition36020
Personified WeaponsFuster Cluck Coalition350500
Pretty much godFuster Cluck Coalition3489500
Victoriaans NederlandsFuster Cluck Coalition330500
Sacrosanctity of assi-jagoFuster Cluck Coalition312321920
ABC123 8Fuster Cluck Coalition2889500
BastonneFuster Cluck Coalition28060
ArtemizistanFuster Cluck Coalition260500
WolfanaFuster Cluck Coalition25050
ABC123 6Fuster Cluck Coalition18163500
My ChildhoodFuster Cluck Coalition161922000
Far lobagoniaFuster Cluck Coalition160500
Solarist vzFuster Cluck Coalition116660
NihongiFuster Cluck Coalition414500
AnimaoFuster Cluck Coalition424500
KalaveliFuster Cluck Coalition46500
GodslavesFuster Cluck Coalition3282000
Pantsu PlaymatesFuster Cluck Coalition3322000
IngolmelsFuster Cluck Coalition34500
Animao primeFuster Cluck Coalition328500
ElonsmarslandFuster Cluck Coalition222000
The Albali RepublicFuster Cluck Coalition10500
ABC123 9Fuster Cluck Coalition12321760
Shrek is love Shrek is lifeFuster Cluck Coalition0140500
ABC123 21Fuster Cluck Coalition02471740
ABC123 53Fuster Cluck Coalition0227500
ABC123 12Fuster Cluck Coalition0245500
ABC123 44Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
Ice 800Fuster Cluck Coalition0112500
Adriana the Polish RobotFuster Cluck Coalition01672000
ABC123 3Fuster Cluck Coalition02321770
ABC123 35Fuster Cluck Coalition0219500
ABC123 67Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
Madoka x HomuraFuster Cluck Coalition0131500
Ill be backFuster Cluck Coalition0172500
ABC123 26Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
ABC123 58Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
Death MoonFuster Cluck Coalition0123500
Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel ReynoldsFuster Cluck Coalition01582000
ColorfulFuster Cluck Coalition0128500
ABC123 17Fuster Cluck Coalition0173500
ABC123 49Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500
Valentine ZFuster Cluck Coalition0183500
FolkvangerFuster Cluck Coalition098300
The true loraxFuster Cluck Coalition0010
ABC123 40Fuster Cluck Coalition0257500
The pathowogenFuster Cluck Coalition00770
Lena Tracer OxtonFuster Cluck Coalition01702000
ABC123 31Fuster Cluck Coalition0178500
ABC123 63Fuster Cluck Coalition0167500
Neu nederlandFuster Cluck Coalition00230
Corn KernelFuster Cluck Coalition0135500
ABC123 22Fuster Cluck Coalition02471730
ABC123 54Fuster Cluck Coalition02272000
Holly Starlight de Wonderful Lapia QueenFuster Cluck Coalition01672000
ABC123 13Fuster Cluck Coalition0208500
ABC123 45Fuster Cluck Coalition0166500

Use stockpiled Nukes to target nations in enemy Factions by visiting a nation page, clicking in its nav bar, and using the TARGET button.