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Ab 10BUBLASAUR SUXS 29 Strikes0 RadiationCaptain lard 2
Ab 10BUBLASAUR SUXS 59 Strikes46 RadiationSlovakenian Gas Station
Uwu helpBUBLASAUR SUXS 47 Strikes17 RadiationNew Northern Europeans
Uwu helpBUBLASAUR SUXS 41 Strikes41 RadiationGreater christianland
Uwu helpBUBLASAUR SUXS 3 Strikes3 RadiationFree city of frankfurt
Uwu helpBUBLASAUR SUXS 39 Strikes39 RadiationMinoir
Neko third soviet unionBUBLASAUR SUXS 39 Strikes0 RadiationMinoir
11th farbrook calvaryBUBLASAUR SUXS 55 Strikes29 RadiationLard11
Neko third soviet unionBUBLASAUR SUXS 37 Strikes24 RadiationLard11
11th farbrook calvaryBUBLASAUR SUXS 71 Strikes71 RadiationLard27
Foxs de kawaiiBUBLASAUR SUXS 88 Strikes56 RadiationLard32
Shuckle reichpactBUBLASAUR SUXS 67 Strikes67 RadiationLard30
Ab 16BUBLASAUR SUXS 44 Strikes0 RadiationLard31
Neko third soviet unionBUBLASAUR SUXS 10 Strikes10 RadiationLardd
Foxs de kawaiiBUBLASAUR SUXS 44 Strikes44 RadiationLard31
Neko third soviet unionBUBLASAUR SUXS 22 Strikes22 RadiationLard30
Ab 16BUBLASAUR SUXS 61 Strikes44 RadiationLard27
Great sand and cuvcoHorsemen of the Apocalypse85 Strikes85 RadiationSolharcht kirale settler i
Kita ManedesHorsemen of the Apocalypse50 Strikes50 RadiationCommieboy
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee15 Strikes0 RadiationPrequel Meme
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee14 Strikes13 RadiationMinoir
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee21 Strikes21 RadiationLard8
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee30 Strikes30 RadiationDuccy
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee13 Strikes13 RadiationLard5
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee5 Strikes5 RadiationNew Northern Europeans
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee4 Strikes4 RadiationCalvin and hobbesylvania
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee7 Strikes7 RadiationEdsp
Western AestorusiaThe Aestorusian Committee7 Strikes7 RadiationArab-Jamahiriya
KilimancaA.T.O.M.I.C8 Strikes8 RadiationEdsp
KilimancaA.T.O.M.I.C5 Strikes5 RadiationArab-Jamahiriya
KilimancaA.T.O.M.I.C40 Strikes40 RadiationLard8
Ducc trucckkkkk3 Strikes3 RadiationCaptain lard 2
Ducc trucckkkkk37 Strikes37 RadiationLard5
Ducc trucckkkkk45 Strikes45 RadiationDuccy
Ducc trucckkkkk15 Strikes15 RadiationLard17

Each nuke that Strikes its target generates 1% Radiation, up to a maximum of 100%.

Strikes on a fully irradiated nation do not count toward the total.

Radiation slows the rate of new Production. A 100% irradiated nation cannot generate any Production.