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From: Christiaen Hoekstra
To: Willem Dykstra
Date: 26/13/3034


I have recieved word of Johannes Kapers of the Red Party. He has informed me that he wishes to end the conflict between the party and the Republic.

I believe this is the first step towards peace in Maasland. As I understand it, this conflict is no longer good for business, in fact I am told it hasn’t been for years. It is for this reason I contact you, to offer you peace. Now that the red ones are out of the Republic’s way, even you must realise the Dykstra organisation cannot hold a firm grip over the land any longer, not without the Republic.

This is what I have to offer, lay down your arms, as Kapers did, and enjoy a positive disposition in the Republic. You will not be persecuted for your or your subordinates’ actions and will be allowed to act within reasonable boundaries.

Awaiting your response,
Christiaen Hoekstra

From: Willem Dykstra
To: Christiaen Hoekstra
Date: 5/1/3035


I recieved your letter.

Make me senator in your new Maasland, and peace shall be.

Willem Dykstra

From: Christiaen Hoekstra
To: Johannes Kapers
Date: 21/1/3035

Dear Johannes,

I am sorry me to read of your misfortune.

I have since taken up correspondence with your aprentice. He is wise beyond his years, holds your beliefs closely to his heart and weighs both his words and actions adequately.

I have approached Dykstra, and he too wishes to lay down arms against us. I believe that with his fundings, an army from the north could be hired, one well-trained and not scarred by 16 years of conflict. With this army we could quickly put down all remaining sides to the conflict, and finally bring peace to Maasland.

I wish to thank you, for your wise decission and for your honourable position, throughout the entirety of this conflict. In a way it pains me to know an elve like you shall never see his state realised, but unfortunately it does not seem to be what the future holds for Maasland. This is why I have decided to recognise the Red Party as an official democratic party of the Republic. Your legacy will live on, and continue to practice influence on the affairs of Maasland.

I pray to the Lord that this letter reaches you before your final day.

May the Lord rest your bones,
Your friend, Christiaen Hoekstra

The order of brothers of the long war



The order of brothers of the long war wrote:hi

Amadel wrote:Hiya

Hello to the both of you! As you may have noticed, most of our activity takes place on our Discord server - we're a friendly bunch, so be sure to join us:


lol i think this seems similar to dragon age like the town denerim lol

Purcotic wrote:lol i think this seems similar to dragon age like the town denerim lol

The name is similar yes. And it is true that some of us take design cues from the Dragon Age series. But there's more to it than that - and you can see for yourself on our Discord server:

Chapter 4: The Southern Route - Introduction

To travel from the east side of the Commonwealth to the west, one has three practical options. The first is to travel by land – but horses are expensive, the transcontinental roads are poor, and Massylia is only mostly secured as part of the Commonwealth. The second is to sail around the northern end of Ensho, where the seas are warm and the coasts are rich – but the route is long indeed. The third option is to sail around the southern end of Ensho.

The southern route is fraught with dangers – the seas are cold, the shores oft rocky, the residents not always friendly and mostly poor – but for cargoes headed to or from far-off Umbar it is superior. The Valassyrian coastline is well-endowed with safe havens for journeying vessels, where vessels can cheaply resupply and repair, much cheaper than in Tavras. Once through the Frevanian Straight, the circulatory currents and the trade winds can carry a ship with its sails all hoisted directly to eastern Umbar with little trouble.

Equally, even southern Ensho has its riches. True, it is not as rich as Tavras or Nevarka, but equally that is an advantage, for the resources there can be acquired at discount compared to elsewhere en route. Copper, lead, and silver all make for good ballast in either direction, and bone crafts lend a rustic flair to any shipment whilst also being portable.

One should always be mindful of the locals when attempting to trade with them, however, and in Godclaw in particular; they do not take kindly to strangers. But for the adventurous captain and the becalmed one besides, the southern edge of Ensho, especially with the growing volumes of trade passing through, is a place where profitable business can be made.

From the Arguin Company Handbook, Third Edition. Published by Island Public Press.


Ievis Thallan's Acceptance Speech

The Commonwealth has long been founded on the principle of government of the people, by the people, for the people. With that in mind, we have extolled our local governments and how they ensure that the voices of our citizens, no matter where they are, how rich or how poor, can always be heard and can always influence their government.

That will not change. But what we have to consider is that we are more than just our cities, our districts, our towns and villages; we are a Commonwealth, where we place the needs of the many above the needs of the few. We have to look beyond our local boundaries, beyond our city walls, and recognise the value of co-operation with our fellow citizens across the rest of the country.

Infrastructure is the backbone of every nation and state, and whilst our local foci have brought great improvements to many cities, shortsightedness has cost near as many. Those who have read the papers will be aware of the travails of the Livanates Aqueduct, the Mykonos Turnpike, and the Munastir port works, to name but three instances where a lack of co-ordination between neighbouring jurisdictions has significantly impeded progress. We are of the world’s richest nations; our infrastructure must follow suit.

As such, I am pleased to accept the appointment of myself as the inaugural Infrastructure Commissioner for the Commonwealth of Chalsardu. I oversaw many improvement programs in Arguin whilst we still civilised it and there is no good cause for us here to not have better. We have a program of works planned that will link up our nation – two transcontinental highways, from Navarre to Masaesea and from Lakis to Rymerion; the canalisation of the Kerkyra river; making safe the harbour at Olissipona, to name but three. With the aid of Konon Morsandoral as Vice-Commissioner, the Talthalra, and you the people, we shall bring Chalsardu into the fifth millennium.


Magic nation of the pheonix

Yo I just joined Xedas :D

Magic nation of the pheonix wrote:Yo I just joined Xedas :D

Well, why not join the rest of us on the Discord server where virtually all the activity takes place?

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How many issues is there??? Lately I’ve been seeing issues that I have already dealt with before. Do we just keep going through these again or what?

Hello my friends. I am pleased to join your humble alliance. May we all grow strong and prosperous.

-Chairman JC, current chairman of new helgar and your humble ally.

Monkeys1 wrote:Hello

New helgar wrote:Hello my friends. I am pleased to join your humble alliance. May we all grow strong and prosperous.

-Chairman JC, current chairman of new helgar and your humble ally.

Hello to the both of you. Have you joined us on our Discord server, where the vast majority of our activity occurs?

Elirum wrote:How many issues is there??? Lately I’ve been seeing issues that I have already dealt with before. Do we just keep going through these again or what?

There's over a thousand issues, which means that if you're having four a day then it takes under a year to run through all of them.

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The onferderation

TV turns on
host: "Hi folks and welcome to the TOC News station today we have a guest. our humble leader commander Zachary!"
Zachary: "hello my faithful citizens!"
host: "so commander how have you been?"
Zachary: "great, it is tiring after a day of enforcing the no car rule. we want to keep our city clean you know."
host: "oh ok and how the mining district?"
Zachary: "it's going great our uranium cont is going up as we speak and we are working on making electric cars so we can lift the car rule."
host: "I'm afraid thats all the time we have folks. Until tomorrow citizens!"
Zachary: "Goodbye!"
TV turns off.

Post by The onferderation suppressed by Chalsardu.

The onferderation

TV turns on
Zachary: "one more thing I am open to telegrams I am generous so if you need my military might in battle send me a letter"
TV turns off

Lemon 32

hi guys

The Shoulders Of Giants, Chapter 2

In a foundry in Atra, a bearded Druchii walked through a self-opening door into an office to find a Hyltarii woman sat behind a desk, stretching her glass arm out, curling and uncurling the fingers one by one.
“Andiagar,” she said, barely turning her eyes towards him, “what is the matter?”
“Zubizarreta-kanum,” he answered politely, in the turn of phrase of the Druchii of the Tarkaren valley, “it concerns this substance I have heard about, this `Hemayxcium`.”
She stopped fidgeting with her arm and turned her head a fraction, her ears perking up at the foreign word he had mentioned. “Ah yes, that substance. I’ve heard you mention it several times ever since you first found out. What makes this time any different?”
He looked down at the floor briefly, expecting a tirade, but as he realised what she was actually saying he looked back up to see her stern, but intrigued, visage. “I believe you remember when I first told you that I had heard reports about this mystery material?”
“I remember saying that you’d started putting the oil you work with in the pan rather than beneath it.”
He chuckled at that memory. “Oh yes,” he said happily, “you did. No, the reason I bring it up today is that I have received an official report on it.”
“And what does it say?”
“It says that the Alchemists’ College, with the endorsement of the regime in that part of Lashire, has put out a call to researchers the world over to investigate Hemayxcium further.”
She turned her head fully to face him, and he could see a smirk across it. “The fools. I presume you desire to go there?”
“Tha-er-hm.” He stumbled over his words in reply, but stopped a moment in thought. “Fools? Why?”
“Because with regards to something as potent as Hemayxcium, why would one invite the whole world over to see how it works?”
“In the interests of scientific enquiry? Isn’t that why we went to Pharos?”
She laughed at that. “Naive as ever, Andiagar. Yes, we exhibited an experimental Universal Translator that much to our surprise functions, but in exchange we kept Vrathiir on our good side, acquired a few Automata, and saw what the rest of the world wanted to show off too. There’s good reason why Sidroleion is restricted as is Umbali. But they’re inviting us to look at Hemayxcium.”
Cynical as ever. “I see. Zubizarreta-kanum, may I travel there to investigate it?”
“Indeed you may, Andiagar. But please don’t give away too many of our secrets. I expect a full report of how Hemayxcium behaves, as well as samples.”
“I see.”
“Will that be all?”
“It is.”
“You may go now, Andiagar.”

In a foundry in Atra, Imlyn Andiagar and Aliki Zubizarreta discussed their research.

Angharadh Nikanor's Speech regarding Ezho Khater

"Fine citizens of Chalsardas, before you I stand with a human. And he stands with me elevated as though he were one of us."
"You may ask - how can this be? How can a mere human purport to stand alongside the Haltigoaka as though he was our equal? It is because we know that not all humans, not all non-Elves, are equal. Many who have formed themselves into states beyond our borders show achievements worthy of our acknowledgement, of our respect, and sometimes of our co-operation.
"The Ras Vertaz is one of those states, and there is much that appears in common. Like us, they are a prosperous nation. Like us, they give proper reverence to the Divine. There is an Elven population there, one accorded with rights at *least* as strong as the rights of the humans there. They can be well-said to have an understanding what it means to be like us.
"The Ras Vertaz stands tall as the strongest state on the continent of Bezek, defiantly independent against the return of the so-called Third Yuan. And in their wisdom they have come to us with open arms, seeking aid and co-operation. We are honest people; we do not turn away any requests made in good faith. This man, Ezho Khater, has been sent by his state to appeal to us. As the senior Representative to the Talthalra for the City & District of Chalsardas, I, Angharadh Nikanor, am pleased to take him under my personal protection for as long as he is here; with the Zerudakino as my witness, he shall have the full rights of any citizen of our fair Commonwealth.
"And may the Zerudakino bless the co-operation between our nation and the Ras Vertaz."

Augusta Russo's Confirmation Speech

"Your Highness, ladies and gentlemen;

"Indeed I am, as Her Highness has introduced me, Augusta Russo, Ambassador to Weatherwand from the Commonwealth of Chalsardu. I have been sent here by invitation of your honoured selves regarding co-operation between our two nations. Correspondence has been exchanged between our respective governments for a while now regarding the formalisation of ties between Weatherwand and Chalsardu, in economic, cultural, scientific, and military areas; and now it pleases me to be here for the first time in this wondrous land. We will at long last be able to discuss and formalise the aforementioned matters in person, and even after such matters have been clarified and ratified I shall be in residence here for at least the next three years as the permanent representative of the Commonwealth here in Weatherwand.

"This is not my first time in Sokádi; five years ago I was in Dambrechia, to the north of here, assisting the Minister Plenipotentiary at the time with the formation of an alliance between Chalsardu and Dambrechia. My memories of then have not dimmed, and though this part of the continent is different in sight, smell, and sound, I am glad to have returned.

"Your Highness, ladies and gentlemen, thank you."

The united tavranee tribes of sharad

Lemon 32 wrote:hi guys

Hello lemon-o!
Welcome to Xedas.
We try to keep casual conversation out of the RMB, that's what we have our discord for. Feel free to join using this invite link:
(Btw, that's also were most RP goes on.)

Hello. Can you tell me about this rp? What is it about?

The onferderation

yeah can you tell me to?

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