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My location? Yonder potato fields, of course.

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Macory wrote:good day!

sharawt from the phillipines

Karktopials wrote:sharawt from the phillipines

hey! you. tara

Macory wrote:hey! you. tara


Karktopials wrote:san?

libre mo, wala ako pera. hahaha

Macory wrote:libre mo, wala ako pera. hahaha

brah bakit bah

Karktopials wrote:brah bakit bah

sana ikaw na lang ang baby girl ko.... hahahaha

Macory wrote:sana ikaw na lang ang baby girl ko.... hahahaha

bakla ka ba lalaki to eh

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Non Sequitur wrote:My location? Yonder potato fields, of course.

Hello potatoes

Sutarianesia wrote:Hello potatoes

pooptatos tastes better

Vermacomposting FTW!
Worm poop + potatoes = profit.

My attempts at collecting Easter Eggs has failed.

I tried several of the tricks listed here:

Easter Eggs

by New fakeland

Easter Eggs

In NationStates, Easter Eggs are secret issues that are unlocked in unusual ways.

Easter eggs found by New Fakeland so far:8

Colour issue (favourite colour):
- From having a colour ["golden"] in the nation's classification (pre-title).
- No other factors appear to be involved.
Holy issue (pull the lever):
- From having "holy" in nation's classification (pre-title).
- May require population of over 1.25 billion (I had 1.367 billion, and ~1.33b on other nation)
Issues issue:
- Seems to be from completing a set number of issues (possibly 250),
- Possibly requires existing easter eggs.
- Other possible factors: population over 1 billion, high intelligence, possibly large government size and happiness.
Eggs issue:
- Have atleast 3 eggs.
Zombie issue:
- From reactivating a dead nation (after 30+ days of inactivity).
- May require population of over 1billion before inactivity (had 1.6billion, and 2.1billion)*
    *Saw nation get this egg with just over 300million population, so population probably isn't a factor.
- Time from resurrection to issue may be 1 day to 2 weeks.
- No lower time limit of being dead. Unknown if upper limit (but suspect there may be one).
- Changing region and WA doesn't effect this.
Halloween issue (A Holiday Masquerade) :
- Have a national animal name include something Halloween related (e.g. "monster", "bat", "vampire", "zombie", or "ghost")
- I achieved this with "monster".
- Unsure if other factors are involved, but I got this in December, so it doesn't need to be Halloween to get this issue.
- Seem to have gotten this twice on seconds nation.
Christmas issue (Red Sleigh Down) :
- Have something Christmassy in nation classification/animal/motto/leader, etc.
- Seems to only work in December (make nation Christmassy at beginning of December to maximize chances of getting it.
- I got this with: national animal=reindeer, leader=nick santa
- I got this on another nation with: Motto=Ho ho ho, Classification=Christmas, currency=candy cane
Irish issue (Keep Your Hands Off Those Lucky Charms!) :
- Have something Irish in nation classification/animal/motto.
- May only work in March.
- Got it with "Lucky" in motto, "gold bar" in currency, "leprechaun" in national animal, and "St Patrick" in leader name.
- Got on second nation with "Lucky" in classification, and currency as "gold bar".

*Easter eggs take between 1 day to 2 weeks to appear, after conditions have been met.

*After receiving your 1st Easter Egg, you will unlock the banner at the top of this page.
*After receiving your 4th Easter Egg, you will unlock the banner below.

Other potential eggs

Breaking the fourth wall issue:
-I've heard that having NationStates in your motto unlocks this one, but I haven't tried, due to lazyness

Alien pizza issue:
- Have lots of pizza.
- Cheese may help too.
- May need high IT.
- May be other factors

Space suburbs issue:
- High crime and space exploration?
- Possible crime in to 1%, or over 80.
- National analysis for other possible factors:
Auth:ba, Eco-F:ba, Envi:ba, Hpy:10, Hlth:ba, IncEq:ba, Int:aa, LawEnf:ba, Obe:aa, Rude:aa, Safe:bab0, SfCr:bab0, Manu:aa, Stup:a11, tox:aa, WelGp:aa, Wep:aa, Wtr:ba, Welf:ba,

leader-clothes Easter egg:
can't remember where I say this
-maybe have capital city as "[[your-nation-name]] city"
-maybe have "friendship" in your motto

Read factbook

Got nothin'.
Nada. Zip.

Anyone else unlocked any of these?


Drew Durrnil wrote:germany

Potato Edition.
[I didn't even know we had this embassy. I guess TRR just has too much embassies.]

pattatas potataos patatas