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Lauch war puppet 9

Hey, well done everyone, we all worked incredibly hard and achieved something seemingly impossible. I'm moving my nations back to puppet storage now, but thank you all for a very memorable N-Day. Please don't hesitate to TG Lauchenoiria if you need anything!


Rly8h wrote:We got the CB on our side? Cool! I used to be a member with my old nation, but that was years ago.

two thousand nations stood alongside the potato alliance from the cb alone

Hello, this is Brickston from the European Union.

Britic free

Whew, this was a bloody good N-Day! At first, when we were bombarded by HotA, even I thought that our nuking was futile, that we would never crawl out of the negative score dungeon. But we did it!
Anyways, I am moving my puppets back to my bloated puppet storage. Bye!

p.s. when things started to get radioactive in HotA, I moved 15 puppets into the alliance so that there would be more targets to nuke (including this puppet). It probably wasn't a good move...

N-day 5 was my first N-day ever. I'm so glad I was in a faction that worked together and got 2nd place overall.

British free, An Alliance of Potatoes, and Macory

My first one too. Didn't know what to expect. I lucked out and picked in an awesome region before I knew what an N-day was.

Why, back in my day, we just threw raw potatoes at each other. And we liked it!
Not like these young kids today. With their hippin' and their hoppin' and their bippin' and their boppin'
No sir!

Hello potato land


someone home? happy holidays everyone (less covid-19)

Macory wrote:someone home? happy holidays everyone (less covid-19)

Same to you! :D

An Alliance of Potatoes wrote:Same to you! :D

At least i have a company here. Hehehe

An Alliance of Potatoes wrote:Same to you! :D

At least i have a company here. Hehehe

Macory wrote:At least i have a company here. Hehehe

Yes indeed :P Even if I'm only here occasionally! Haha

An Alliance of Potatoes wrote:Yes indeed :P Even if I'm only here occasionally! Haha

thot i was alone when the zombies attacked.

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From the Philippines, Happy New Year

New TSPoll: What is the best way to get a potato?
Boil 'em Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a stew! What the best way to get a potato for me and you?


See you when we see you :)

Here is this week's poll, regarding the heinous raid on The Embassy. Vote and feel free to share to others (it's an open poll, non-restricted) , this concerns every nation and region on NationStates!!

Great Turf Wars

There were already Turf Wars dating back to 2,000 years before the current setting, perhaps either as a competitive sport or a method to settle conflicts. The first recorded Turf War occurred during a period in Inkling history with many similarities to Ancient Egypt, roughly 2,000 years before the events of Splatoon began. However, as these Turf Wars of nineteen centuries later involved the Inklings and Octarians (instead of just teams of four Inklings), it has expanded into a bigger campaign, great enough to become a historical event.

Before the Great Turf Wars, the Inklings and Octarians had "amicable relations", until the rising sea levels caused them to lash out against each other in a power struggle over the remaining land.

As time progressed, the Octarians separated themselves from the other species of the Mollusc Era. They became dissatisfied with the amount of available dry land and waged war on the Inklings, the other dominant species at the time, to gain total control of the turf.

The Octarians constructed a variety of large machines known as the Great Octoweapons and began attacking Inkling cities.

The first battles of the Great War ended in victory for the Octarian forces. The diligent Octarians easily dominated the Inklings, who were unable to wake up early enough in the morning to defend themselves.(The Inklings have long led a hedonistic style of life).

Heralded by loud explosions, the Great Octoweapons quickly stormed the Inklings' central stronghold. Victory for the Octarians seemed all but certain, but due to a plug being carelessly pulled from its socket, their hopes were dashed. Lady Luck shone down on the Inklings, and the Inklings' victory over the Octarians was most likely due to their superior number of limbs. The Inklings secured a victory in the war and forced the Octarians to retreat to underground lairs such as Octo Valley, which were constructed from the ruins of the subterranean cities built by the remnants of humanity.

The Inkling faction had a fighting force known as the Squidbeak Splatoon led by Cap'n Cuttlefish, which fought against the Octarians during the war..

Read factbook

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good day!

technoblade would like to know ur location