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I was wondering if I could change the flag and bring in a more Moderate flag that is more Universal.

Your flag or the Region's?

You mean the region flag?? Yeah sure if you have a better idea that is ok with me. To all new members I give you all a heartfelt welcome to the Free Nations Region.

I changed the previous flag because I personally think that the older one was not a Egalitarian flag, mainly because of the Cross on it. I wanted to put a flag that represented unity amongst all Religion's, Race's, and Culture's. Not that I have a problem with Christian's. I put a flag that represents all people, no matter ifthey are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.

What do you guy's think?

I would suggest something more constrasty, Vedico, The image in the center appears washed out to me.

Jericho nation, if you would like some suggestions for Embassies, I can be of assistance. Foreign Relations is my forte.

When we have some more members here to support it, I can build a forum for the region. I have built close to 100 of them across NS.

That would be great if you can The Rogue Nation of Quentin Compson. To all WA members make sure you vote on the Sexual Privacy Act is what I think it is called. Tomorrow evening I will be holding a region meeting here on our board so that we can discuss what we need to do to make our region stronger and more united.

It has been my experience that if 10% of a regional populating are active on a forum, you are successful. With our regional population being currently only eight members, that would be only one member being active on the forum. It's a lot of work to create an attractive and useful forum for only one member.

What does everyone else think?

It is a lot of work and I hurriedly put together a one that was fast. I do agree that we need a more attractive forum. I will help you with it when I get a free time. It's a great idea.

Be prepared for a huge change in Administration. I'm not kicking anyone out but I want to get all of our offices to have an understanding. I will keep posting throughout this afternoon

Here's a quick update on the future of our Government. Due to me not having a bunch of experience in this game, I am going to split our Government into different sections. There will one house of the government will be for the WA and one for the region.

Big news. Tonight there will be a big region meeting because I am officially establishing our official government. I've been playing around with it but now I know my feeling on what we need.

I am proud to announce that The Free Nations Region will establish a constitutional government. Everyone's roles will change but the WA Delegate stays the same. We will now have dignified roles. We split the Government down into 2 sides. WA and Region side. The following positions will be decided by election since we are big enough now to hold.

WA Side
1.WA Delegate-Law Enforcers stays in this office unless he wants to run for any office. Though some powers will be downsized.
Regional Government
1. Region President- Runs the region with tons of influence. Makes lots of tough decisions and if I am deployed they will run the region. The good news is you choose who you want as our president.

2. Minister of Foreign Affairs-Defense, and assists the President. The President Appoints them with approval through the region first and then myself will appoint the them.
3.Research Officer- Stays the Same.

So here's how it will go. I will create the new Government Offices and I will appoint an Acting President and show what each office includes. Stay tuned for more

If your interested in Running for President of the Region then please comment here and the election will be held Sunday. The term begins February 1.

I will stand for office. My qualifications are simple enough, 13 years experience in every aspect of the game.

Great we will have a presidential soon!! I am opening meeting now!!

Greetings, embassy region!

I am Drawkland, the Founder of Sonnel. In a week or so, we will be holding a tournament via the NS Sports forum and we'd love for you to participate! I personally extend an invitation for you to join.

What sport, might you ask? Well, we'll be playing the Sonnelian sport of 7ball!

Here's the signup:

Any information on the sport can be found on the thread via link, and any information on how it will be run will be found on the thread as well.

You don't have to, of course, but I just wanted to make sure you knew about it in case you'd be interested!

Thanks, and Merry 7,
Drawkland, Founder of Sonnel

Is there anyone here in the region interested in joining this event? Also you have until 12pm to register for the Presidential election. There will be a poll today after lunch will elect our first President.

Today will begin the voting for our first Region President!!!

To all The Free Nation Region. Once we confirm our only canididate for President, you must talk to them about getting an office in there Government. Well they will be considered as the Prime Minister. Positions on that staff will be Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Dimplomatic Officer fall under that staff.

We have 3 branches of government. This is the official The Free Nations Government break down. The next 3 posts break down the branch and each office.

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