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Imperium Anglorum wrote:Sure, I'm happy to relinquish any claims that the regional government would have over the project. I merely ask that you cease to use the Home Office banner, stop using Foreign Office support to publicise it, and refrain from implying that it is a regional government project. Thanks!

Working on that now.

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The Satherlandic Times
Fair and Concise

The full, unedited transcripts, brought to you by The Satherlandic Times

The Satherlandic Times brings you the full, unedited transcripts of the Second European Electoral Debate, held on Thursday, the 28th of May at 5.00pm UTC (1.00pm EST/AST, 6.00pm BST) on the #electoral-college channel on Eurocord. Here are the transcripts.

Regnum Italiae (Regnum), Lead Moderator
Feria-Alkaline (Feria), Moderator
Outer Sparta (Sparta), Moderator
Eritei, Candidate
Republic of Satherland (Sather), Candidate
Gor Kebab (Gor), Questions
Alienage (Vicente), Questions
Laver Island (Laver), Questions
The Labor Party of Canada (TLPC), Questions
Imperium Anglorum (IA), Questions
The Mongol Plain (Mongol), Spectator
South St Maarten (Maarten), Spectator

Regnum: Hello and welcome to the first european electoral debate!
On one side @Max Berry (Eritei) on the other @Republic of Satherland !
Candidates are you ready?

Sather: Of course. Thanks for having me.

Laver: @Regnum Italiae so my debates don't count?

Eritei: yup!

Regnum: First on discord!
Anyway, I'm Regnum Italiae and I'll host the debate, assisted by @Feria-Alkaline and @Spartainho!
Moderators are you ready?

Laver: Tank you Regy :3

Sparta: Yes I am ready

Mongol: can someone ping @here so people watch

Sather: Moderators?

Feria: I'm ready.
@here probably doesn't work for me?

Laver: @here

Sather: Shhh no cross talking! Pls talk in chatter!

Laver: sorry interrupting the heated "first" debate

Regnum: So, we'll start with a small introduction by the candidates, Eritei you can start first. Remember, make it short!
@Max Berry (Eritei) ?

Maarten: Is the debate going on
oh nevermind I apologize

Regnum: It is :3

Eritei: well, Hi! I'm Eritei. I've been here for a little while.
I'm that friendly guy down the street that's always fun to talk to.
I'm campaigning to make Europe (and all it's extensions) a safer place for all of you! (if that's what you want me to say)

Regnum: Sather, your turn!

Sather: Hi there. I'm Sather. I've been in Europe since 2017 with mulitple nations.
I'm not gonna sugarcoat it: I ain't the nicest of guys. But I get the job done.
I'm primarily focusing on legislative reform. I know, it ain't flashy. I have already drafted an Act, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, that will be presented to Parliament regardless of the results of the election, and I plan to do much more.

Regnum: Good! Now we'll start the questions!
I'll go first, then my collegues and I will alternate.

Regnum: My first question is for both candidates,
You both have a 'modcom' point in you platform, what do you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it?

Eritei: What I want to achieve with the Moderation Committee is its extension to the Eurocord platform (where we are now). As we've seen more recently by a certain case which will remain unnamed, modcom was unable to participate in the ruling, as no laws specifically stated that they have any power over on this site.
My platform, whether elected or not, will see the creation of a bill which will extend the powers of modcom to Eurocord, so that any laws broken here or any cases filed using Eurocord can be brought to a proper trial.
I intend to do this by the democratic process, creating a bill or amending the current modcom bill in order to extend said powers here, with the help of the European community.

Sather: Well Regnum, I have a proven track record of quelling the often fiery debates that occur among the members of the Committee. In fact I've even suggested sentences that have been unilaterally accepted by ModComm without any arguments against them. The primary example of this was during the recent spat between Gor Kebab, Serbia-Macedonia (now Macebonia), and Bathera, when Gor was slapped with a 7 day mute by the NationStates moderators while SM had his nation deleted and created a new one.

My common sense approach to this issue by suggesting a 7-day mute for SM and a reduced 3-day mute for Bathera, who played a more minor role in the affair, is an example of the level-headed approach that I will bring to ModComm. Furthermore, my legislative agenda aims to provide ModComm with even more powers to enforce law and order in our great region, which will almost certainly secure the safety of a region that is so often inundated with trolls, spammers, and other no-gooders.

Regnum: Good!
If none of the candidates wishes to add anything we can go on.
Feria, you can ask the next question!

Sparta: Are you ready, @Feria-Alkaline

Regnum: Ok, I guess Feria is not ready.
Sparta you can go on!

Feria: I thought Regy would ask all his?
and then I'd go, and etc etc?

Sather: Who knows at this point. (sorry, cross talking)

Feria: Should I ask now?
(:person_shrugging:, :track_next:)

Sparta: Okay here is my general question for all the candidates: What are the qualities that makes you the most qualified to have a post on the commission? It can include legislative skills and other NS experience you have had.

Sather: Can I answer Reg?

Regnum: I precised that we were going to alternate
Sather you can answer

Sather: Thank you.

Regnum: Feria you'll be next, sorry for the misunderstanding

Eritei: I don't have as much experience as my fellow candidate, however I have been around the block. I may not know everything, however I can always learn, and I'm always open to learning.
The only past bill I have written is the Prisoner Voting Rights WA proposal, so I do have some experience in the world of NS law making, and I can learn Europe's as well

Sather: Over the 8 months that I have been an active regular in Europe, I have achieved several accomplishments as a simple Elector.

I'll start with The Satherlandic Times, Europe's premier election news portal. As a journalist reporting for TST, I have researched well into ins and outs of European politics, interviewed candidates, and covered major incidents such as the historic February 2020 election kerfuffle and the CGGR's "invasion" of Europe last year. My in-depth analyses of elections in Europe has, to my knowledge, never quite been done with as much detail and work as TST.

Let's move on to the Alliance Coalition of Europe (ACE). As a simple Elector I, and Gor Kebab, built the second largest political faction in Europe from scratch. While defunct now, it serves as an example of the leadership skills that I have at my disposal.

Then there's the more controversial of my achievements. My management of Gor Kebab's campaign in the December 2019 Election. I turned a backwater candidate who, while well-known, could never really capture the hearts of the voting public, and turned him into the indisputable winner of the December election. While I regret the fallout of my actions regarding how I treated Gor's opponents, no one can deny my ruthless ability to manage a campaign like Gor's.

Moving on to more positive achievements, I am the only non-government official in European history to draft and pass a bill through Parliament. The Due Process Act quelled did away with many unexplained matters regarding criminal law in the Statutes, and I will aim to use the drive I used with the passage of DPA 2020 to reform the Statutes which, let's admit, contains way too many loopholes.

Regnum: Good. Let's go on.
Feria, your turn!
I remember candidates to try write faster and be concise, we can't carry on till midnight :3
@Feria-Alkaline Sorry to ping you again, but it is your turn

Feria: Ah crud, yes yes
Okay, so for both candidates: As we've probably seen (and I've heard complaints about), both Home and Foreign Offices have extremely little activity. Do either of you have any ideas how to expand the Offices and make them more active?

Sather: Well, that certainly is an issue. Let's start with the Foreign Office. As a neutral region, the FO really doesn't have too much to do honestly, and there's not much we can do to solve this matter.

On the Home Office, I think that it certainly could be more active. If I could control the will of the HO, I'd certainly find ways to use it to involve more people in European affairs. For example, events like this very debate could be publicised and run by the Home Office. And as an undersecretary of the HO I was heavily in support of the writing competition that it was intending to organise. (edited)

Eritei: Well, as I said before, since we'll be expanding modcom to Eurocord, they will have a new roll there. However, I do wish to see them in a more active roll. Seeing as the Delegate had concerns over the Defence Office Act 2020, if we are unable to get that through again, I would like to see the Home and Foreign (mainly Home) offices take on the rolls of defenders. As they have the power to ban people from Europe, I would like to see them (especially whoever the new Home Secretary will be) use these powers more often to protect Europe from the constant trouble we have of trolls and the such.
Other than that, yes, I would like to see the Home Secretary more active, as the past one (no offence) left the home secretary part to the Foreign secretary more.

Feria: I believe it's back to @Regnum Italiae now?

Regnum: Yup
My question is for both candidates
What is your opinion on the Defence Office Act?

Sather: The Defence Office Act is a controversial one. But I am in support of it. Any initial concerns I had with the bill where gently put to rest by its supporters. Regardless of my election, I will certainly like to work with the author of the Act to amend any issues it might have to and put it out for a vote once more.

Eritei: I believe that the Defence Office Act (DOA) was something that we needed here in Europe, as our region is already targeted a lot by trolls and the such. Because of that, I wanted (and still want) the DOA to pass. I'm willing to help the author edit the bill and mediate with the delegate (who was the main objector) so that we can better protect Europe from people who contribute nothing and who only wish to see us fight.

Regnum: Good! Now let's go on.
@Spartainho, your turn!

Sparta: Okay this next question will be for Sather
How will you present yourself as the more electable candidate even though you aren't the most-liked person in the region? And how will you assure your doubters and naysayers that you will be the best person for the job?

Sather: Well Sparta, that certainly will be difficult.

To be frank with you, I understand why much of the electorate doesn't support me. I have had a complicated history, and I fear rebuking my opponent too much with ultimately prove counter-intuitive and possibly destroy another friendship like it did in December. And honestly I'd rather prioritise my personal relationships over an election.

But to answer your question, my track record says everything. Even the December Election, the very event that has marred my reputation, is proof of my political prowess and my ability to swing a vote if I really want to. But I won't do that this time round, because I know that my personal friendship with Eritei is more important than an election.

Regnum: Nice!
@Feria-Alkaline your turn!
@Feria-Alkaline Again sorry but we need ma'am

Sather: And it's the sound.... of silence..... (sorry cross talking)

Feria: boop

Regnum: I take this chance to remind the audience that this debate sponsored by Totino's Pizza Rolls!

Laver: Is Europe that broke

Feria: Sorry again for the delay: As you both (probably) know, I was recently yeeted from HomeSec due to some... circumstances. While we won't get into that, the fact remains that HomeSec is now open for the taking. To both candidates: Who would you support as the new HomeSec and why?

Sparta: @Regnum Italiae no it's sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends!

Regnum: Order! Order! Candidates you can answer

Eritei: To answer your question, I would support either Regnum Italiae or St Scarlett. Both of these people have been in government for long amounts of times, have seen many bills pass, and have written quite a few up themselves. They know their way around the game, and they only want to better Europe instead of themselves. I know that if one of these people get the Home Office, they will do their best to support Europe

Sather: Well, that certainly is difficult. Personally, I'd go for either Regnum or St Scarlett. I believe that they are the most qualified for such a position. Of course, as an undersec of HO I do have concerns of how they would lead it, and as of now I have seen no indication that they even want to accept such a role.

Regnum: Perfect.
Now lets start the final round of questions (my colleagues will correct me if they have any more)
I'll go first.
My question is for both candidates
What do you think of our current embassy policy?

Eritei: I think we should expand our look for Embassies with other regions. We must be careful, however if we allow ourselves to branch out, we can not only get more people to come to Europe, however have an easier time communicating with those who simply don't have the resources to do it.
I understand the concern for neutrality, and I do not for one second want to drag Europe into any mess, however I think more embassies could prove useful to us, and a better way at expanding not only Europe, but also NS

Sather: I have long said that our current embassy policy has been to short-sighted. While we are a neutral region, we should be fostering positive relations with other regions as well. We aren't some backwater region. We're one of the most influential regions in NationStates, and the most influential per capita in the entire site. We should be expanding our horizons.

In my personal opinion, our WA Delegate should at least be open to establishing improved foreign relations with other regions, and not stonewall attempts to open new embassies like he has done so with Thaecia. It's counter-intuitive to our image as a neutral region that's open to all. If we have embassies with the USSR and the Union of Christian Nations, why not Thaecia?

And furthermore with the shutting down of our embassy with Osiris, our already tiny pool of embassies is reduced even more. Why are we shutting our region down from outsiders? No other region with our size and influence is even close to being as isolationist as we are. That's all I have to say.

Regnum: Well done!
@Spartainho your turn!
@Spartainho !

Sparta: This one is for Eritei
Elaborate on the kind of legislation you want to craft for Eurocord. Will it be similar to the regional statues we already have or will they be a distinct, new set of laws and regulations?

Eritei: I think that will come down to what we want ultimately. I know that's not the best explanation, so here's what I want.
Since Eurocord is such a different place, there must be different rules (i.e, you can't stop someone from triple posting here). However we need to avoid trolls and the such here.
I plan on making different laws for Eurocord, however modeling them around the RMB legislation at first. If they evolve to something completely different, then that's the path it takes, if it winds up being the same, then so be it. However I do plan on making some unique laws, as this is a unique place

Sather: Permission from the moderators to ask a follow-up?

Regnum: Go on

Sather: Can the candidate provide any specific provisions that they intend to add to this proposed Act, apart from the basic ones that the candidate has already mentioned? And how do you intend to curb the influx of trolls?

Eritei: well, one such thing is the use of inappropriate profile pics/nicknames, advertising of certain places here, or uttering certain language here.
What I mean by nicknames and profile pics is stuff that would generally be found extremely disturbing/inappropriate/simply racist, homophobic, or such other statements that do not incite what we here in Europe stand for.
What I mean by advertising is well, a little more complicated. I see no issue with people wanting to advertise a server here as long as it's okay, however advertising a raiding server multiple times, or a scam server is not and should not be allowed (actually talking about raiding in servers is against the Discord terms of service if I'm not mistaken).
What I mean by language, well, I mean stuff like really bad, like, insulting someone using racial slurs and the such. I have no issue with swearing as long as it's okay, but if a person starts talking nonsense (like saying the holocaust was good, or that Hitler did nothing wrong) in a non joking sense, then we need to stop it.
I don't want to take away the fun of Eurocord, this is a place free from the NationStates moderation (feel free to take that out if you feel like it will annoy NS mods), and I want to keep it that way, however if someone comes here wishing to make stupid remarks just to piss us off, then we shouldn't have to deal with that.

Regnum: If no one has anything else to add, we can go on.
@Feria-Alkaline , your turn!

Feria: Yoink.
Alright, my final question for both candidates: The political climate in Europe is being increasingly identified as "toxic", with battles for power often deciding who stays and goes. Do either of you have any propositions to help stymie that toxicity?

Eritei: That's gonna be hard. You see, I agree with you 100%, Europe's political climate is becoming more toxic and hostile, however we need to combat it.
I think an easy way to fix it is to simply, avoid doing it, but we know that will never happen, so here's a possible way.
Make laws. make laws that will prevent people from slamming candidates using personal reasons, focusing more on policies rather than personal things. I understand this isn't a perfect fix, however personally, I can't see a way of fixing it in the near future, and this is a question that will get a different answer all the time, no matter when it is

Sather: Honestly that will be extremely difficult. Europe has always been a hotbed for political controversy and drama, and I doubt that it will change anytime soon. Legislation will not solve this problem. This is a systemic issue in Europe and it's up to us as individuals to change the attitudes that dominate the region. And that honestly is all we can really do. I hate to the be the cynic in this debate, but there isn't a "one size fits all" solution for this.

Regnum: Here we are at the end!

Regnum: If my colleagues are fine I guess we can procede with the questions from the people!
@Elector Do any of you have any questions for the candidates?
Remember to be civil and polite

Gor: I've got one

Regnum: Go on

Gor: @Republic of Satherland in regards to your scolding of European regulars about greetings, do you feel that has caused negative view upon your campaign? Do you stand by your comments? Will you be introducing something to counter this?

Sather: Well, I believe that my comments were fundamentally taken out of context. I approve of regulars welcoming newcomers to the region. In fact, I welcome it. My comments were meant to urge said regulars to start a deeper dialogue with newcomers instead, as it has proven to be much more effective to actually have more of those newcomers remain active in the region.

Regnum: Anyone else wants to ask something?

Alienage: Satherland why you think you are currently behind Eritei? What is the cause of this huge gap? Did you do something negative in the past that could affect the votes given today?

Regnum: Satherland you may answer if you want

Sather: Of course. I will.

Gor: I have one final question once sather responds

Regnum: Ok Gor

Sather: Well, there have obviously been many controversial moments in European history regarding myself. I am, after all a vocal individual. I have been the center of controversy: my former position as the primary campaigner for Gor garnered a lot of bad press for me, and so has my firebrand attitude.

But here's the thing: I am still the most qualified, and my "mistakes", such as the December Election, are actually a testament to my understanding of politics and how to pick apart complete campaigns without much hassle. And I hate to bring up our past Alienage, but even my effective opinion piece on your candidacy last month is a perfect example of this. Once again, I apologise if I may have hurt you personally because of this, as I am well aware of how my barrages can negatively affect a candidate.

As such, I had no real expectation of beating Eritei, as upon analysis he was already slated to be the clear front runner even back in April. So I was left with two options: fight this election to the end and risk hurting yet another friend, or let it go and not risk jeopardising another friendship by taking this too seriously. And I chose the latter.

Regnum: Good
Gor you may procede

Laver: Pls type faster

Regnum: ^

Sather: I'm not gonna answer these questions in a half-arsed manner Laver.... (sorry again for cross talking)

Regnum: Order!

Laver: Order Order! Sather please tone that language down

Gor: Right. Okay. So we are aware that most elections are won in the final 2 days because of the non regular WA nations that kinda swoop in at the end and either crush hope or create it. Do you believe, with IA's vote, you can win the votes of those players?

Regnum: Laver please don't 'order order'
It's my job
Sather you may answer
Please let the candidate answer before typing

Alienage: Thanks Satherland. I stand behind you in this election because of your "qualification" to be in this position. Past is past. Everyone acts naively once or twice in life that happens.

Are you planning to run in the upcoming elections as well? And are you planning to write a new proposal?

Laver: @Regnum Italiae luv u owo

Regnum: Vicente wait for your turn

Alienage: I will Regnum

Regnum: Good

Sather: Well, that is certainly the final outcome of this election in my dreams. XD

But in all seriousness, it certainly is possible, but not all that probable. Eritei is simply too popular, and I have no other means of furthering my campaign. There's nothing else to do but to watch haplessly as Eritei wins this on a landslide. To be frank, I doubt that many will even read the full transcripts of this debate, even after it's published on the RMB. I hate to be the cynic once again, but it's over for me.

Nevertheless, in spite of my imminent defeat I will strive to accomplish everything that I have laid out in my campaign TG regardless. I will continue to draft and pass legislation through the Parliament, and I will strive to organise more moderated election debates in the future.

Regnum: Sather, you may now answer to Vicente

Sather: Now to answer Alienage's question, I may. But certainly not next month. My upmost priority is the well being of Europe, and deposing Regnum is counter-intuitive on that part. I might run to fill St Scarlett's vacant First Deputy Commissioner seat, but I will certainly not run next month.

On the matter of proposals, I'm nearly done with my draft of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2020 (more details were in my campaign TG), and I intend to collaborate with Regnum and/or Eritei to amend the RMB Moderation Act, expanding ModComm's powers to Eurocord.

Alienage: How will the ModComm affect Eurocord? Satherland (edited in later)

Sather: May the moderators please ask who this question is aimed towards?

Laver: I have a question for Eritei

Regnum: Order!
@Vicente To who is directed the question?

Sather: I am so tempted to act like a [redacted] for the fun of it and correct that....

Alienage: Towards Satherland

Regnum: Ok
Sather you may answer
@Laverino MOE prepare your question, you'll be next

Gor: I have one for both candidates after Laver

Regnum: Good
@Vicente make sure to ask if you may ask before asking (lel)

Alienage: Lo siento hermano

Sather: Well, my plan for ModComm in Eurocord is pretty simple: no breaches in European law should be allowed. I am strongly against Eritei's proposal to regulate profile pictures and like, as that will be extremely difficult to do considering the fact that Eurocord often isn't the only Discord server that possible offenders may be a part of. But there is precedent to his proposals.

On another note, I intend to expand the definition of Harassment as outlined in the Criminal Law Act 2018 to include unwanted Direct Messages (DMs) and account multi-ing to DM regarding NationStates on Discord, as that has been a recent issue that requires addressing. I hope that statisfies your query.

Regnum: @Laverino MOE your turn
Gor goes next

Laver: @Max Berry (Eritei) you mentioned something about advertisements in Eurocord and that you oppose advertisement such as raiding links

What is your stance on advertisement being conducted through DMs, and Eurocord is used to scout for possible recruits? If against, how do you plan to enforce it?

Alienage: I have another question if it is possible

Regnum: You shall wait a bit

Laver: Can I get another Regy? owo
for eri

Regnum: Yup
Wait a bit

Eritei: well, that's a little harder. If the advertisements are raiding advertisements, then I still have an issue with that. It will be harder to get, as we will require help from the European community. We can't just take people's DM's (as I'm pretty sure that breaks site rules), but the only way we can combat that is if we work together, if the people help the government. If we do get people to help us, then we can ban them like we would others, but with an little investigation first

Regnum: Nice
@Gor 'Arsehat' Kimchi go

Gor: In light of Feria's dismissal from home sec, what are your thoughts on this? Lastly, who do you feel is the best candidate for home sec?

Regnum: The second part has already been answerd before
Candidates you may answer fell free to skip that part

Eritei: I believe that the delegate has already written up some laws, however I would like to implement laws preventing this from continuing, as this is a blatant misuse of our democracy, even if it may not be illegal

Sather: I will answer the question regarding Feria's dismissal from her position. What Feria did was clearly wrong, that's a given. But she highlighted an important loophole in the Statutes, one that would've gone unchecked if it wasn't for her. In a way, I'm glad that she exploited this before anyone else did.

Regnum: @Vicente you may go on
Next goes Laver

Alienage: I do not see a reason for putting ModComm to Eurocord because Eurocord is a vital platform for fun and free speech is permitted on here more then on the RMB. So we will go and kill everything that is good? Who even will decide what is wrong and right if the proposal is to spongy to clarify? You can not restrict opinions

To Satherland (edited)

Gor: I didn't get an answer for my last part

Regnum: Already answered above
Feria asked it

Gor: Ah that part you meant

Sather: Can the moderator please ask Alienage to clarify his question?

Alienage: Ok

Sather: Well to start, we are not going to, as you put it, kill everything that's good. Eurocord is a bastion of free speech, and so it shall remain. On the second question, no case is quite the same, so ModComm will deliberate upon these matters on a case-by-case basis.

Eritei: may I also answer Vicente's question?

Regnum: Go on

Eritei: Modcom is not coming to Eurocord just to stop free speech, nor restrict things that we can say.
I want to bring modcom here to prevent cases like the most recent one that happened because of an issue on Eurocord. Modcom would have been involved, however was not allowed to work on the case as there were no laws surrounding it.
Modcom is here to uphold the laws, not remove any freedoms we have here

Regnum: @Laverino MOE you may go

Laver: @Max Berry (Eritei) You mentioned using laws to fix the European political toxicity .

How can you guarantee that outlawing personal insults, candidate slamming and other scenarios similar to those I mentioned, not get abused?

What I mean is, if a candidate in a debate uses something said about their policies or argument they provided, as ground(s) for ModCom intervention and have the other candidate(s) punished for toxicity.

How can you guarantee that ModCom's interpretation(s) of the claims won't be prone to aid in the possible abuse?

And won't this set a dangerous precedent which tells us to outlaw cultural things in Europe we deem problematic?

Alienage: Can I ask Eritei (I will wait yes)

Regnum: Yup
Eritei you can answer Laver

Eritei: again, this is a complicated matter. I say laws, however laws might not be able to fix our position. This answer can change in a day, year, months, it's always changing.
I can't confirm all this is riddle with issues, that's why I want help writing the laws, however I'll try my best to answer your questions.

That's hard to say. We'd have to go into word for word about what not to do, however that can always be abused. I want to make sure that it's abused the least. If a loophole is found, we tie it up. Again, if we did use laws, it would have to be a word for word explination.

Modcom won't be necessary in debates. It's weird to explain. To put it simply, if someone uses allegations against someone in a debate, then Modcom will investigate, or if something modcom worthy comes up, they'll investigate.

I think to stop abuse from modcom, that's up to modcom. Again, if modcom takes something the wrong way, then we'll need to fix it, you can't blame modcom for reading something wrong, because it's made up of humans, and humans make mistakes.

I don't want to outlaw anything culturally defining about Europe, even if they are somewhat problematic. It really depends, I can't really know where this question came from (if your talking about slander then I know), and this is a question for a later date.
(sorry I took so long, in like, 3 conversations at once)

Regnum: @Vicente You may go ahead

Sather: May I ask a follow-up to Eritei's response?

Regnum: Ok go
Vicente wait for Sather

Eritei: (sorry for saying this, I'd like to apologize if nothing makes sense as well

Alienage: What case you are referring too?
To Eritei

Sather: Eritei, you mentioned something about certain aspects of European culture being "somewhat problematic". Would you mind clarifying upon this assertion?

Regnum: You may answer both questions Eritei

Eritei: To sather:

sorry if I made anything unclear. Like I said, if Laver is refering to slander culture, then that's somewhat problematic. If it's something else, I'd say our hatred towards new people

To Vicente:

the person who filed the case wishes to remain anonymous, however it is recent.

Alienage: Ok
I am done with my questions. Muchas gracias to both of you :)

IA: I want to ask a question
(:flushed: (x4), :thumbsup:)

Sather: Moderator?

Regnum: IA you may go on

Laver: The region is sweating now
(:laughing: (x5))

IA: Someone wanted to regulate DMs and telegrams. How would you do so without running into the problem where evidence can be faked or deleted by both parties?

Eritei: well, that's hard. All evidence everywhere can be deleted/crafted, so it'll be hard to tell. I think it'll rely on people doing it quick enough, like some more recent cases, and multiple eye witnesses. But again, this is kinda the same issue we can have over on NS

Sather: Well, that certainly is an issue that should be addressed on a case-by-case basis. I admit that it will be insurmountably difficult to prove such accusations. As such, all ModComm can really do is prosecute cases that occur on the Eurocord platform itself.

Ideally, there will be screenshots of the offenses in question, but again, that's only on a case-by-case basis. Many cases will have to be thrown out due to a lack of evidence, and there's really nothing ModComm can do about it.

Regnum: Any other questions?

TLPC: Yes I have a question for both parties

Regnum: Procede

TLPC: What is the timeframe of your goals if you become 2nd DC?

Regnum: This is going to be the final question
Candidates you may answer

Eritei: well, the time frame I would prefer is my entire term. however, I strive for perfection, so if I must, I will delay what I must and run for another term in order to get what I need to done. perfection takes time, and I won't leave until everything's as perfect as I can make it

Sather: I intend to push my legislative agenda as soon as the Procedure Act 2020, set to come to a vote directly after the election, is pushed through. On the matter of myself organising more of these debates, I will intend to start that by next month's election.

Regnum: Perfect

TLPC: Thanks thats all

Regnum: Thank you for your question

Regnum: Well
We are finally arrived to the final stage: the final statements!
Candidates you may procede
Eritei first, then Sather

Eritei: Well, I thank you all for coming out.
I wish to leave saying that no matter what the outcome is, I will push for a better Europe for all of us, no matter how long, or how hard. I want everyone to enjoy Europe, and to do that, we need to work together, no matter if you're in government or not

Sather: Look, I admit it: Sather's not sexy. But common sense politics never is.

But whatever the case, I'm going to push my legislative agenda through parliament regardless, and I'm still going to organise more election debates even if I'm not the next 2DC. It's not about me, it's about the well being of Europe, and honestly that's all that matters to me.

Regnum: Thank you candidates for your time!
Thank you my colleagues for your help!
Thank to everyone who has watched us and to the ones who have participated with questions!
So, goodnight and goofight! See you soon (hopefully) for the next debate!

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