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APPLES!!! duck!!!!!

/me unleashes catapults of pie at V

*joins in fight, throws a massive bucket of fruit salad over everyone*

That was rude.

Foodfights sound unnecessarily messy.

Think of the poor cleaning staff?

Messy ? Perhaps.

But it's a great jobs program. The poor cleaning staff will have some overtime to pad their wallets this week.

*tosses a pie at SN*

tell it to the Maid's Union!

*proceeds to fire a barrage of pineapple grenades at West*

Did you know there's an official evil maid convention? At least, so I've heard. Attempts at confirmation have been unsuccessful.

*puts up a shield of thickly sliced fruitcake*

Why does this remind me of the old 'Attack the Previous Poster' thread on the forum ?

*slices the pineapple grenades and flings the slices in all directions, carefully aiming some to land on Hama's fruitcake*

*counters the pineapple grenades with 20 watermelon bombs aimed in all directions*

If you'd like we can aim all of our attacks at you West :D

*takes cover inside a banana bread fortress*

En garde!

*Fires catapults of flaming Baked Alaska*

mmmm flaming alaskas.............. There is a Palin joke in there somewhere, i think.

*return fire with a super soaker full of cherry coke*

Only eleventh most cultured?? Maybe it has to do with my still-down-the-toilet economy. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong there :P

*snacking on pineapple, douses baked Alaska with chicken broth*

The difference is that we're specifically using food, West. :p

*Fires the mashed potato canon*

Whee, 9th most cultured - which means, I get to throw cheese at the rest of you while sipping urbanely on my glass of wine. :P

*avoids cheese, fires the dreaded broccoli*

Heck yes!!! I love broccoli >:D Where my seasoned salt at??

cheese and broccoli!!!! Praise be to the food gods!!!

*From atop banana bread fortress fires jelly filled donut artillery*

Pssh, marshmallow rain is where it's at...that or a fairy floss tornado!

"Fairy floss" is a much better name than "cotton candy." It gives me unrealistic expectations, though. That stuff should at least make me fly.

*dodging jelly doughnuts and marshmallows, misappropriates mashed potato cannon for own use*

The four great states

*walks back into nation states after a very long absence due to eveonline sucking his life away*

Hey everyone I don't remember most of you but hi.

Welcome back, I'm sure I remember you, 4! (We use numbers to abbreviate now)

*ceases food-fighting to celebrate finishing third in the most extreme ratings behind his puppet.*

Take that V, I'm at the top this time! :p

*tosses coconut cream pie at Monk's face*

I shall return to my throne worry not!

I do enjoy being moderate.

I don't enjoy a 3:1 bus to uni ratio on a rainy day.

To be honest, in NS I think it's more fun to have nations as some extreme end of the scale or another. It just makes it more entertaining.

What kind of psydo-Switzerland would I be without truckloads of guns?

What kind of nanny state would I be without almost-complete disarmament of all my citizens? The only kind of knives I permit is dulled table knives. Everything else with even a vaguely sharp edge is strictly outlawed.

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