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Compendium of Regional Policies and Information

Compendium of Regional Policies and Information

Regional Policies

LinkOsiran Law Index Reference Catalog
The Reference Catalog of the Osiran Law Index is a resource to provide easily accessible information regarding our laws to Osiran residents and citizens, as well as interested foreign guests. Find our constitution, general laws, and more here.

Endorsement Limit Information
Find out everything you need to know about endorsement limits, including what they are, why they exist, to whom they apply, how they're enforced, and how to lower your endorsement count if you exceed the limit.

Policy on Embassies and Consulates
Learn everything you need to know about establishment of in-game embassies, establishment and maintenance of embassies and consulates on our off-site regional forum, and exceptions to these policies.

World Assembly Voting Policy
Find out how the Pharaoh's vote in the World Assembly is determined and how you can get involved with World Assembly discussion and voting. This dispatch also includes the Pharaoh's voting record in the World Assembly.

Regional Information

Welcome to Osiris!
This welcome dispatch includes information on disabling recruitment telegrams, registering and applying for citizenship on our regional forum, and what to do after you're admitted to citizenship.

Guide to the Osiris Fraternal Order
This helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know about our regional government, the Osiris Fraternal Order. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between a Scribe, a Vizier, and a Guardian, and what happens when they all walk into a bar, this dispatch is for you.

World Assembly Help & Answers!
Learn everything you need to know about the World Assembly, including what it is, how you can join, Osiris' position on World Assembly affairs, and how you can help enhance Osiris' voting power in the WA by endorsing the Pharaoh.

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