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World Assembly Help & Answers!

TL;DR: Joining the World Assembly!
  • Go to your national settings HERE and enter a valid e-mail address.

  • Go to the World Assembly and click "Apply to Join."

  • Check the email account that you provided and you should fin an email that says "Your Nation Name: World Assembly Invitation." Check your spam too! Open it and click on the link inside.

  • Congratulations! You are now the World Assembly's newest member! Make sure to regularly check the World Assembly Page and have your say on proposals that come to vote!

So What is the World Assembly? The World Assembly, or often called just the WA, is effectively the United Nations of the NationStates world. This international organization is voluntary only, and is tasked with putting together regulations, committees, and guidelines to help improve your nation, and the world; however, it does not always work out that way, and you must keep an eye out for proposals that may hinder your nation. Furthermore, they recognize those select nations that have contributed both positively and negatively to the development of the international community, while attempting to keep the world a safer place. Think of the United Nations General Assembly, and Security Council the World Assembly works just the same way!

Where Does Osiris Fit Into All This? Osiris has a long history of protecting National Sovereignty when it comes to the World Assembly. This means we are committed to battling regulations that could better be handled on a national level rather than an international organization. To help us do this, every World Assembly member should endorse our Delegate, Valerievna. In order to do this, you must also be a member of the World Assembly, click on their nation page, and scroll down to the bottom of it. There is a button that will say "Endorse X nation." Every time someone endorses the Delegate, we as a collective region get one more vote in the World Assembly that we can use to further keep your nation's interests in your hands.

What Kind of Benefits Do I Get? You yourself can obtain endorsements, often times by endorsing others. Doing this will give your nation more influence in a region, which means you will be more difficult to eject from the region. You do not have to worry about being ejected from a region most of the time, but in the event that we have a rogue government member, you may just be the key to stopping it! Moreover, if you obtain the most endorsements in a region, your nation will become the World Assembly Delegate of whatever region you are in. If you become the World Assembly Delegate of a region, you will be given more than just one vote in the organization. The number of votes you will get is the number of endorsements you have + your nation's vote. Anyone can become delegate of Osiris but there's a legal process that must be followed. Our delegate is selected by their merits as a leader by the previous delegate, not just because they endorsed their way to the top, and we expect everyone to follow in that example. We enforce a strict endorsement cap of 55 for non-citizens and 100 for citizens for those nations endorsing the Delegate, and 10 for those not endorsing the Delegate.

How Does Being in the World Assembly Make Osiris Safer? Every nation in a region that is a member of the World Assembly has both made the region more powerful, and helped it become a safer place. Osiris has a tough history, and we need everyone's help to ensure stability. In order to keep Osiris safe we have established the Guardians nations that are tasked with protecting the region from nations that would seek to harm it. Every one of the Guardians should be endorsed if you are a member of the World Assembly. It is very important that you endorse everyone on the list below, and most of them will endorse you back rather quickly! Once you do that, the guardians will gain influence at a faster rate, and will likely endorse you as well meaning you will gain influence at a faster rate than your neighbors.



Heiress Apparent


Council of Guardians


Malphe II

Arkadia Universalis

Federation of the Resentine Kingdom

If you have any questions about the World Assembly, make sure to send a telegram to the Pharaoh, Valerievna; or any of our Guardians. They will get back to you as soon as they can, and they are online all the time.