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Guide to the Osiris Fraternal Order

Guide to the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Osiris Fraternal Order is the monarchist and meritocratic community and government of Osiris. In the Osiris Fraternal Order, we prioritize active participation and fraternal cooperation over ideology and political maneuvering, and we privilege active involvement in the community rather than social status or length of time spent in the region. We prefer a form of government that focuses on efficiently meeting community needs over rigid ideological principles. We seek a meritocracy that rewards all active contributors who are loyal to our region, community, and values.

The first steps to getting more involved in the Osiris Fraternal Order are to Linkregister on our regional forum and Linkapply for citizenship. All citizens are automatically enrolled in our legislature, the Council of Scribes, and in the process of applying for citizenship, you can also enlist in our military, the Sekhmet Legion, or join our civil service.

Monarchy of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Pharaoh is our monarch and serves as the World Assembly Delegate of Osiris, as well as Head of State and Government of the Osiris Fraternal Order. The Pharaoh administers the gameside region and appoints most other officials of government. The Pharaoh is the ultimate governing authority of Osiris, responsible for interpreting and enforcing the region's laws, and as the ultimate governing authority the Pharaoh heads the Council of Viziers, our executive government. The Pharaoh serves until abdication or recall, providing a great deal of stability and continuity in regional leadership.

Our Pharaoh is Valerievna.

The Heir Apparent is the Vice Delegate of the Osiris Fraternal Order, responsible for maintaining the second most WA endorsements in the region and serving as the Chairperson of the Council of Guardians, our regional security council. The Heir Apparent will succeed the Pharaoh upon their eventual abdication. The Heir Apparent is also responsible for serving as Acting Pharaoh in the Pharaoh's absence. The Heir Apparent is appointed by the Pharaoh, confirmed by the Scribes and serves until succession to the office of Pharaoh, or resignation or removal from office.

Our Heiress Apparent is currently no one.

Security of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Council of Guardians is the security council of the Osiris Fraternal Order, tasked with enforcing regional security in cooperation with the Pharaoh and the Heir Apparent. Guardians are required to maintain a higher endorsement count than other residents of Osiris for the purpose of assisting in regional security enforcement. Guardians also have important oversight powers and responsibilities. Guardians are appointed and dismissed by the Pharaoh.

Our Guardians are Arkadia Universalis, Malphe II Wymondham, Federation of the Resentine Kingdom.

Government of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Council of Viziers is responsible for managing domestic and foreign affairs under the direction of the Pharaoh. The Council of Viziers manages matters of government policy ranging from foreign affairs to community events and activities, to any other matters for which the government is responsible.

Our Viziers are:

Chief Vizier: Vacant
Vizier of Community Affairs: Wymondham
Vizier of Foreign Affairs:Arkadia Universalis
Vizier of Gameside Affairs: Luna State

Military of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Sekhmet Legion of Osiris is the raider military of the Osiris Fraternal Order, and is also the longest enduring institution of Osiris having been in continuous existence since September 19, 2013. The Pharaoh is the commander-in-chief of the Sekhmet Legion and appoints the Moshir, who serves as the Legion's operational commander. In addition to raiding, the Legion is responsible for defending Osiris' treaty allies and executing any future declarations of war.

Our Moshir is currently no one.

Legislature of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Council of Scribes is the all-citizen legislature of the Osiris Fraternal Order, in which all citizens are enrolled upon being admitted to citizenship. The Council of Scribes has broad legislative power.

The Chief Scribe is the presiding officer of the Council of Scribes, responsible for presiding over the Council of Scribes according to its procedural rules, and for determining procedure where no rules exist. The Chief Scribe is appointed by the Pharaoh and may appoint Deputy Scribes to assist in legislative duties.

Our Chief Scribe is Dragonian Alliance and our Deputy Scribe is Open.

Judiciary of the Osiris Fraternal Order

The Council of Priests is the judiciary of the Osiris Fraternal Order, responsible for criminal charges, determining guilt or the lack thereof, and imposing penalties upon guilty parties. The Council of Priests is comprised of three Priests appointed by the Pharaoh.

Our Priests are Nebemakhet, Malphe II, Th Empire of Wymondham.