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Welcome to Osiris!

Welcome to Osiris! A Message from the Osiris Fraternal Order

Osiris is one of the four Sinker regions of NationStates, which means that nations refounded by players returning to the game respawn here. If you've just returned to NationStates, we're glad to have you back and we look forward to having you involved in Osiris! If you're coming to Osiris from elsewhere in NationStates, that's great too and we're happy to welcome you to our region. Below you'll find a helpful guide to our region. But if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the Pharaoh, Valerievna, or any of the Regional Officers listed on our World Factbook Entry.
Turning Off Recruitment Telegrams The first thing you might want to do is turn off your recruitment telegrams. If you're returning to NationStates after being gone for a while, you'll notice you're receiving a lot more of them. This is due to changes to the telegram system that now allow regions to spend money or use automated scripts to send recruitment telegrams. Chances are the people sending you telegrams right now aren't even here! Just follow these steps to disable recruitment telegrams: 1. Go to your telegram Preferences. 2. Look for the options under Filter. 3. Click Block All next to Recruitment. 4. Click Update Filter. And you're done! No more annoying recruitment telegrams!
How to Get Started in Osiris The best way to get more involved in Osiris is to register on our off-site forum and apply for citizenship. In the process, you can also enlist in our military, the Sekhmet Legion, or join our civil service. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Visit our off-site regional forum, located Linkhere. 2. LinkRegister an account on our forum. 3. LinkApply for citizenship by filling out and posting the application. 4. Wait for your citizenship application to be approved. We approve citizenship applications as quickly as possible, but it can take a day or two if we have several applications to review. We appreciate your patience!
The Next Step After you've been admitted to citizenship, the next step is up to you! You can:
  • Stop by our regional Linkchat. You don't have to download anything and it's really quick and easy to join. Our regional chat server is a great way to get to know your fellow Osirans, and to get any questions you have about Osiris or NationStates in general answered in real time.

  • Get involved in our all-citizen legislature, the LinkCouncil of Scribes. Once you're admitted to citizenship, you don't need to do anything else -- just start participating in legislative discussions and voting on legislative proposals right away!

  • Start raiding with our military, the Sekhmet Legion. Raiding is one of the most fun aspects of the game for many NationStates players, and the Legion is always looking for new recruits. You can enlist in the Legion Linkhere.

  • Participate in our civil service. By getting involved in our civil service, you can help coordinate regional events and activities, serve as an ambassador to other regions, and much more! You can check out our civil service applications Linkhere.

  • Get involved in regional activities. Discuss LinkNationStates and OOC topics, discuss and vote on LinkWorld Assembly resolutions, play fun Linkspam games, create your own Linknewspaper, and more!

Got Questions? Other Feedback? If you have any questions or other feedback, don't hesitate to send a telegram to our Pharaoh, Valerievna, or any of our Regional Officers. You can also post on the RMB, PM us or post your questions on the forum, or stop by the chat and ask us. We're always happy to hear from you and to help you out with whatever you need!