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by The MikesHope Essence of Mikeswill. . 4,970 reads.

Against Security Council Statement

World Factbook Entry: Welcome to "NationStates", aiming to become one of the strongest ranking regions. Pro-Economy, Pro-Society, Pro-WA, Pro-Peace; Join our glory! Above all freedom for all nations to control their own destinies in a region free from war.

For over 16 years our Region has supported the WA (UN) as an essential community of Peace and International Society. Although, at times, We differ greatly with the World Assembly, We, as a Region, continue to believe in essence of this establishment. Relative to The Security Council We stand AGAINST this body for the following Reasons:

The bottom line is that when Defenders lose in the field of battle they result to cowardice and change the rules of play. I have kept my Region Raider free for 15+ years by keen vigilance to the Game Play throughout the JenGuv World. This has included Puppets and Spies and infiltration of Regions. Such is the way of the Rules which I accepted when I created my Nation on October 28, 2003. If a Region cannot defend itself, too bad! The leadership should have been responsible. These SC Resolutions tilt the balance to Elitist who determine what is a Raid and what is Liberation by manipulating the Rules. It is like playing with a brat who takes away the toys when the outcome goes against his bias. The only security I have in my Region aside from Endorsements is the RIGHT as Delegate to Password my Region against any threat. If this RIGHT is at the whim of the SC then have the game makers remove all password abilities across the board thereby removing this continued farce of hypocrisy.

These Condemn & Commend Resolutions are mostly a popularity contest and a waste of the World Assembly’s time. It is not the Business of the World Assembly to Honour Nations. The WA is not a Beauty Contest. We would ignore these Resolutions were it not for the ridiculous precedent these Resolutions present.

As such we petitioned the Moderators and were successful in the creation of the TAG: Anti-Security Council.

The Mikes Hope Essence of Mikeswill
WA Delegate
NationStates Region