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NationStates Endorsement Policy and Limits

Greetings, Sovereign Nations of the NationStates Region

Please take a moment to inform yourself of the Endorsement policy of our great region. Endorsement caps are common in regions across NationStates, and are even more important for the security of Founderless Regions. Our security precautions ensure our stability and the protection of our community from those that would selfishly seek to replace our community with their ego.

All players are encouraged to join The World Assembly and endorse the Delegate.Our Delegate is the in-game Administrator of the NationStates Region. Your endorsements empower our region in World Affairs as well as increase our Influence to ensure our region's security. (Just remember NationStates Rules allow only one World Assembly member nation per player).

Please take note that while each nation has the right to choose whether or not to endorse any given World Assembly nation, failure to endorse the Delegate places a drain upon the Delegate's Influence. A World Assembly member nation only needs two endorsements in order to fully participate in all World Assembly game features, so this lower cap will not affect your ability to fully participate in the game.The endorsement cap levels and policies are subject to change as the effects of this implementation become more clear, and as in-region/in-game circumstances may change (such as significant changes in population).

What happens when a nation exceeds the cap ?

- In the event that a nation has not endorsed the Delegate, and exceeds the cap, that nation will be contacted and given the opportunity to endorse the Delegate or take action to reduce its endorsements into compliance. Failure to take either of these actions will result in removal from the region.

- In the event that a nation has endorsed the Delegate and exceeds the cap, that nation will be contacted and given the opportunity to take action to reduce its endorsements. Failure to take such action will result in removal from the region.

- In the event that a nation is clearly 'endotarting' to quickly gain endorsements to threaten or test the security of the region, or to make a 'run' at the Delegacy, that nation will be contacted and expected to take immediate action to reduce its endorsements within One Update (12 hours). An immediate eject and ban will result for failure to respond or cooperate. Banjection will come more quickly if said nation engages in poor telegram etiquette.

I've exceeded the cap, what should I do?

- The quickest method available is to resign from the World Assembly. You will lose all your endorsements, and you can then reapply and rejoin.

- Don't want to bother with resigning and rejoining the World Assembly ? Instead you can move your nation out of the region for one update (updates occur twice daily). Your endorsements will be removed by spending one update out of the region. You can then return to the region with a clean slate, and seek endorsements up to the cap once again

- You can also attempt to telegram nations that are endorsing you, to ask them to remove their endorsements. This method is fine when you have only slightly exceeded the cap, but may take time. You must be proactive when using this option, as failure to take action in a timely manner will result in the Delegate removing you from the region.

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NationStates Region