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Magna Sylvae Societas

Magna Sylvae Societas
Coalition of Park Agencies of Countries with Large Wild Areas for Mapping, Collaboration, and Safety Matters When in Wild Areas

The Magna Sylvae Societas (M.S.S.) is a partnership between park agencies of countries whose populations tend to spend large amounts of their lives outdoors in wild areas. M.S.S. members pledge to protect both the environment and the people who choose to spend their lives in said environment, to provide wilderness safety courses in schools and public institutions, and to assist each other in mapping regions that are dangerous or that people could get lost in in order to aid in search and rescue operations.

requirements for joining:
- 25%+ of reported deaths being abandonment of civilization to go live in the woods
- supermajority approvement by current members
- being okay with potential side effects of membership

Possible Side Effectsᵀᴹ may include:
- werezoion outbreaks
- more intensive studying of wildlife areas
- a bunch of self-proclaimed "pioneers" running out into the middle of nowhere and dying for literally no reason
- humans being declared an invasive apex predator
- deer being supplied with stone slings/bows and arrows for self defense
talk to your political analyst if you feel the urge to return to monke after joining or participating in M.S.S., but don't listen to them if they say you should leave because you shouldn't.

Current Members:
- Ban Oldern (Founding Nation)
- Araine (Founding Nation)
- Liphia (Founding Nation)
- The Blue Fire (Founding Nation)
- Nahelia
- Uwuguaya
- Sylh Alanor
- Melenavenia