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Ethereals [NRP]

1. Luminae - Rare: Luminae possess the ability to manipulate light, making them capable of creating illusory environments or blinding opponents.

2. Electrum - Common: Electrum are Ethereals who can control electricity, allowing them to shock enemies or power up devices.

3. Graviton - Rare: Gravitons can manipulate gravity, making them capable of rendering enemies immobile or even levitating objects.

4. Pyrokin - Uncommon: Pyrokins can manipulate fire, allowing them to create flames and control the temperature around them.

5. Aquin - Common: Aquins control water, allowing them to create waves or even breathe underwater.

6. Terrae - Uncommon: Terrae are Ethereals who can manipulate earth and rock, rendering them capable of moving mountains or creating new land formations.

7. Illusionist - Common: Illusionists can create illusions that can confuse and disorient opponents, making them very useful in combat.

8. Dimensionist - Rare: Dimensionists possess the rare ability to manipulate space and even travel through dimensions.

9. Chronomancer - Rare: Chronomancers are Ethereals that have the power to manipulate time, allowing them to slow it down or even travel through it.

10. Sylvana - Rare: Sylvanas are Nature Ethereals with the power to manipulate plants and trees. They can create complex ecosystems or control the growth of forests. They are often seen as protectors of the natural world.

11. Anthea - Rare: Antheas are Ethereals with the power of accelerated healing and can speed up the natural growth of living organisms, including plants and animals. They are often seen as healers and caretakers.

Overall, Ethereals are rare in Novaris, with only a small percentage of the population possessing such abilities. Some of them are more common than others, but the most powerful and sought-after Ethereals are those that possess truly unique powers, such as the ability to manipulate time or dimensions.