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The distinctive clicking whir of a fax machine emanates from your computer, a paper covered in a frankly irresponsible amount of purple ink and exclamation points sliding out in stops and starts. Funny, you could have sworn you didn't install that attachment.


N-Day, the apocalypse that invariably enshrouds our world in nuclear fire and hellish fallout, is approaching again. Fear not! Though Refugia will stand in our own faction, we are joined by allies the world over, all dedicated to a singular cause! As the event preparation comes online this post will be updated with the link to our N-Day faction, which is open to all Refugi, as well as any friends who would like to join us!

What To Do Now?

Once our faction link is updated, you'll want to join that before N-Day starts! It'll give us a good idea of how many folks we're working with, as well as allowing you to start producing resources the moment the event starts!

Feel free to use any nations you would like, and don't forget you can use multiple puppets during the event proper! Resources like Containerise are insanely helpful during the event, and command will be more than happy to help you get it set up and answer any questions you have about running multiple puppets!

We will be coordinating out of our discord for the event, so feel free to join and ask any questions you may have, as well as to stay up to date as we approach the event proper! Once the event starts, we will want folks in the faction to all be working together, so be sure to heed any orders from Operations Command.

But What's A Refugia Event Without Goodies?

All active participants in N-Day will be entered in a raffle to win legendary cards, with some special prizes going to those who go above and beyond!

The Shield Of Refugia
The player with the most intercepts once the dust settles will earn this acclaim.

Flit-Cola's Chosen
The player with the most strikes will be awarded this trophy.

Refugia's Heart
The player who was most helpful to others, and did the most to raise morale will be bestowed this award.

The Cursed Isle's Ire
The bedraggled player who took the most hits in service to Refugia will have this medal gently offered to them.

All of the above awards will of course come with a guaranteed legendary, along with the bragging rights to boot!

Watch This Space...

More information will be provided in the coming days, but be sure to check your specialty in your nuclear control panel and prepare while you still can!
This message will self destruct at your leisure.

As you finish reading the printout, you barely have time to drop the rapidly heating paper before it bursts into flame, flaring with a bright purple light, leaving only a small pile of ashes. As you fetch the broom and dustpan, you shake your head, certain you didn't install a flash-paper laser printer. That just seems unsafe.

The Dominion of Chacapoya