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Europeian Media Spotlight: September 10th through September 16th

The Featured Author, or Broadcaster, for this week is a radio show. As in the previous two weeks, this is a part of our efforts to showcase awesome authors from both the Europeian Broadcast Corporation (EBC) and Private Media outlets. Well, media certainly does include radio shows and their broadcasters, and we are shining a special spotlight on a historic landmark between two regions: Europeia and The North Pacific.

As a part of our ten-year celebration of the Treaty of Friendship Between The North Pacific and Europeia, ratified on August 2013, we hope you enjoy this featured radio show, hosted by the Northern Broadcasting Service. It marks an important time in our and TNP's history and is a testament to a outstanding alliance.

Francois Isidore presents this awesome radio show, Link10 More years!! - A TNP/Euro Broadcast. Be sure to check it out!