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Royal Messenger - September 2023 Edition

September 2023 Royal Messenger

77th Premiership of United Kingdom

Regional Information Centre

87th Session of Parliament

His Majesty's Government

Prime Minister: Christoph Sebastian
Deputy Prime Minister: Akillian Talleyrand
Home Secretary: Jacob Mikaelson
Foreign Secretary: Owen Stewart
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Vac Mikaelson
Culture, Media & Sport Secretary: Richard Stewart

Crown Court of the United Kingdom

Crown Court Chief Judge: John Spencer-Talleyrand
Chief Judge pro tempore: Constance St. James
Senior Judge: Akillian Talleyrand
Junior Judge: Reuben Wright

The Monarchy of United Kingdom

Sovereign: HM King George IX
Prince of Wales: HRH Prince John

Founded: November 10th, 2005
Ruling Family: The Royal House of Stewart

-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --
-- -- -- --

The House of Lords

Owen, Viscount of Trent Bridge (Speaker)
HG Constance, Duchess of Bedford & York
HRH Prince John, The Prince of Wales

The House of Commons

Klaus Mikaelson (SF) of Inverness
Akillian Talleyrand (UNC) of Edinburgh East
Vac Mikaelson (LCO) of Cambridge
Richard Stewart (LCO) of Brighton
Mayim Emanu-ElóBauheim (LCO) of Blaenau Gwent (Speaker)
Christoph Sebastian (LCO) of Wimbledon
William Cavendish-Beauclerk (SF) of Wantage


- Foreword from Acting Prime Minister Talleyrand
- Parliament busy under new majority
- The tables have turned! Parliament under new majority!
- Government work continues despite PM absence
- Council of Nations Update
- Update from Windsor

by Akillian Talleyrand, Acting Prime Minister

Hello, and welcome to our September edition of the Royal Messenger. I would like to thank you for reading this month's Royal Messenger. I hope you find it insightful about what is going on in the United Kingdom. We have had an exciting summer of elections (more on that below!) and some fun activities over the summer, including celebrating Pride Month and His Majestyís Coronation. These have been good fun and we look forward to more over the coming months, including with our friends and allies. We hope you enjoy our update and reading about what we have been getting up to!

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to upvote!

Parliament Busy Under New Majority
by Owen Stewart, Foreign Secretary

The first major job for the House of Commons since our last update was to hold a hearing with the Speaker, Elisha Mikaelson, to question him on his failure to return from a Leave of Absence. Having gone on a 2 week absence, Elisha failed to return to Parliament following this break, and after giving some leeway, Parliament moved forward, opening a hearing to understand more. However, Speaker Mikaelson failed to attend the hearing, which led to a vote in the Commons to expel Speaker Mikaelson from the House, which both would remove them from the Speakership, and trigger a by-election for their seat. After the division was held, the motion to expel passed 6-0, with Elisha not voting. Following the removal of Elisha, an election was held for the new Speaker, with Mayim Emanu-ElóBauheim being unanimously approved.

Under the new Speakership, the first piece of legislation on the table was the Royal Fusiliers Act. This Bill was proposed to establish a new unit within the United Kingdom Armed Forces, which would be filled by gameside residents that arenít currently citizens in our offsite forum. After some back and forward debate, the Bill was put to vote and approved unanimously. However, when the Bill was sent to the Lords, all three Peers raised concerns with sections of the Bill. The Lords changed the Bill significantly, returning the legislation to the Commons as an amendment to the Security and Defence Act (2021), but the Bill fizzled out from there.

The next piece of legislation was the Securities, Exchanges, and Commissions Act, one of the many economic bills before Parliament this session. This Bill sought to govern the sale of securities within the NSUK economy, and would lead to the establishment of a new version of a stock market within NSUK. The bill saw a huge amount of debate, including calling the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to further understand the implications of the bill. However, once debate died down, the Bill passed through the Commons with a 4-1-1 vote. The Bill is currently in debate in the Lords.

The next set of legislation was a couple of amendments to the Security and Defence Act (2021). The first of these was focused on the membership structure of the Regional Security Council, as well as establishing the framework for the region to deal with the Frontier/Stronghold update. Discussion around this Bill led to a second proposal to amend the Security and Defence Act (2021), around moderation of the RMB, but this legislation was quickly tabled due to a lack of interest. After some discussion, the Bill was approved unanimously by the Commons, and after a quick debate, the bill also passed through the Lords unanimously, and shortly after received Royal Assent.

Next up was an amendment to the BBC Act, which would require the BBC Director General to be confirmed every 90 days, despite being a direct appointee of the Monarch. This amendment was one of the more controversial of the session, with significant back and forth over the legislation. After a tight vote, the amendment passed through the Commons with a 3-2-2 margin. However, the Lords raised significant concerns over the amendment potentially forcing the Monarch into political debate, with their choice of appointments being questioned in this way, and chose to return the amendment to the House of Commons, unamended, for further consideration.

The next piece of legislation for the Commons was an amendment to the Council of Nations Act. Written as a direct response to the proposed Unus Statute from the CoN itself, and would take away all non-rp responsibility from the institution, leaving it solely to deal with RMB RP issues. The bill sparked an interesting debate over the role of the CoN within the region, and the relationship between the offsite and RMB community, but the bill was eventually defeated by a 2-3-1 margin.

The final piece of legislation for the Commons was an amendment to the World Assembly Delegate Act (2019). This amendment sought to remove regular confirmation for the World Assembly Delegate, recognising that most of these confirmations, going back years, served solely as a rubber stamp operation. This amendment also sought to prevent the issues of the last WAD confirmation, where the issues raised by some MPs were very political in nature, and werenít about the WAD themselves. After seeing some changes during the debate, the amendment was put to vote, where it currently is, but is set to be approved comfortably.

The tables have turned! Parliament under new majority!
by Jacob Mikaelson, Home Secretary

In every term, we can expect one or two cabinet secretaries to resign due to real life commitments. In the case of parliament, a member leaving the Commons is a very rare sight. But this term has shown us the opposite and it is by far one of the biggest twists no one would expect.

On 16 July 2023, results of the General Election were declared, in which, Sir Aaron Reynolds-Bauheim was elected Prime Minister and in terms of Parliament, Sinn Fein managed to secure a majority with 4 seats, while Cooperative Party (currently Labour and Cooperative Party) secured 2 seats and newly founded party United National Coalition secured 1 seat. The House of Commons total has 7 seats. All was well until devastation struck for His Majesty's Government. 2 weeks after the General Election, Prime Minister Sir Aaron Reynolds-Bauheim tendered his resignation as Prime Minister. Stating that after an
interview, he felt he was incapable to continue the duties and hence decided to resign and retire from politics for a while. Following the resignation, then Deputy Prime Minister Elisha Menzies became Acting Prime Minister along with appointing Home Secretary Jacob Mikaelson as Interim Deputy Prime Minister until the By-Election. On 7 August 2023, voting for the By-Election took place for Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, following that a run-off took place on 8 August 2023. Results were officially declared on 9 August 2033 and Labour and Cooperative Party's candidate for Prime Minister, Christoph Sebastian, got elected and along with him as Member of Parliament was fellow party member, the Viscount of Brighton, Rt. Hon. Richard Stewart, who was elected Member of Parliament for Brighton. This made Sinn Fein and Labour and Cooperative Party equal in Parliament with 3 seats each and the United National Coalition having 1 seat.

However, this changed on 29 August 2023, when former Acting PM and former Speaker of Commons Elisha Menzies was expelled from the Commons as Member of Parliament for Nottingham South after he went inactive following the By-Election. Although the former Member of Parliament for Nottingham South had sent a LoA after the By-Election for 2 weeks, Elisha Menzies remained inactive after the LoA and hence the Commons made the decision. This called for another By-Election to be held to fill the vacant seat. On 3 September 2023, voting for the By-Election for Member of Parliament began and the results were declared on 4 September 2023, in which Labour and Cooperative Party candidate Vac Mikaelson won the election and assumed his seat in Parliament as Member of Parliament for Cambridge. This victory has made Labour and Cooperative Party the majority with 4 seats secured and Sinn Fein only having 2 and the United National Coalition having 1 seat. Sinn Fein lost their majority to the Labour and Cooperative Party, from having 4 seats secured to only having 2 seats and vice versa for the Labour and Cooperative Party.

This was not an expected scenario to take place. Resignations and expulsions in the Parliament, although rare, took place this term. But we can say for sure that the Labour and Cooperative Party had made history with this achievement and now we will wait to see what the future holds for this region.

Government work continues despite PM absence
by Akillian Talleyrand, Acting Prime Minister

New Foreign Secretary following resignation of William Cavendish-Beauclerk

A big priority for HM Government over the past few months has been to improve our integration processes for newcomers. This resulted in the re-introduction of the Buddy system to assist new citizens, and the production of a new Welcome Guide, which you can read here. The Foreign Office has been hard at work, working alongside the World Assembly Delegate on improving our WA endorsement rate and supporting nations on the Regional Message Board. The Foreign Office has also been consulting with our friends and allies over how we can cooperate together for the upcoming N-Day.

HM Treasury has been one of the most active government departments with a series of announcements of new economic policies, as well as the monitoring of business activity rates and the implementation of a balanced budget. Finally, the Culture Office played a leading role in organising HM Coronation and has since been busy promoting regional activities, including lotteries, Avatar Contests and a game of Mafia.

Windsor Update
by Rayregalia Von Arcadia-Sova, Deputy Foreign Secretary

The overall news from the city of Windsor remains very positive with its work momentum remaining dynamic and efficient.
The months of August and September were very fruitful for the city with the arrival of several new citizens who became involved in political and civil life.
Concerning the political scene, the Assembly experienced a brief moment of respite during the coronation of King George IX, but subsequently resumed its current work. The Lord Mayor Questions Act, which is based on the Prime Minister Questions Act, is still under debate, but ultimately its author wishes to question the Lord Mayor about his policies during his mandate. And then a constitutional amendment to rectify the legal principle governing the succession of the Lord Mayor in the event of the latter's removal by the Windsor Assembly, carried in Article III, section 8; At the end of the vote which took place there was a unanimous vote.
Then on the civil field, no major change to report, however note the reception organized by citizen Gloriana Windsor in her home at the Palace of The Roses.
Finally the city is preparing to have a new election to elect its new Lord Mayor, present as candidates Mr. PineneedleProject for the Forward Party, facing Ms. Gloriana Windsor representing the Labour Party.