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Nowe Zamówienie: The Last Days of Europe [ARCHIVED]

The year is 1962. The world is on the verge of great social and political change, as new empires have risen and old empires are rotting. When the Warsaw Coup of 1933 occured, not much was thought of it by the international community. Just another regime change in the destabilized Polish nation. What wasn't expected was the willpower, determination, and ferocity of the Polish army. What the Poles intended was to remove the impure, and replace them with equal and elite Slavs. The Polish army overpowered their neighbors and allied with nations across the globe. France, Italy, Romania, Japan. The Pact of Steel, the Axis Powers. Within six years, the world was occupied by these nations. And those who weren't, were either fighting each other or aligning with the Axis. However, less than a year after the end of the war, the Japanese Empire had collapsed, the alliance had broken down, and another world war seemed imminent. Nuclear detonations in Iceland, Japan, and Tunisia were enough to convince the World Powers against open conflict with each other, with alliances forming instead.

Poland became the Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian-Swedish Commonwealth, forming the Miedzymordze (Intermarium) alliance with those not directly under the Commonwealth. The French, following a series of leader deaths and coups united under Bonapartist-Socialists, forming the Calais Accords with Italy and the puppets of both nations. The Wooloosian Confederation aimed to continue the legacy of the Allied Powers, nations that contributed against the Axis, inviting all current members and nations in exile to the Union of Democratic Nations. The Wildcard of Asia, China had come to the world with a fourth solution. With Chinese Ultranationalist Sun Li-Jen uniting the Chinese warlords, he sought to expand further. However, with the world powers condemning most legitimate conflict, he took to developing the Asian Economic Development and Defense Pact, using China's vast resources and population to bully their non-aligned neighbors into what was practically vassalization.