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Novaris Roleplay

Novaris Roleplay

Roleplay Rules

1. Respect other players: Treat other players with the same respect you expect for yourself. Make sure to avoid personal attacks or insults.

2. OOC and IC separation: Keep in mind the difference between Out of Character (OOC) conversation and In Character (IC) conversation. Do not mix the two.

3. No god-moding: Your nation should not be invincible or have abilities beyond its reasonable capabilities. Be consistent with the strengths and weaknesses of your nation, and don't overplay your hand.

4. No Metagaming: Don't use out-of-character information to advantage your nation.

5. No Sexual content: Novaris is meant to be accessible to all ages.

6. No Offensive language and Racial Slurs: Avoid derogatory remarks, slurs, or any hurtful language.

7. Follow the storyline: Stick to the predetermined storyline to avoid disruptions.

8. Be active: To keep the roleplay game active, participate regularly.

9. Respect the Gameside Ministers (GMs): The GMs are there to enforce the rules and keep the game running smoothly. Show them respect and follow their instructions.

10. Keep it realistic: In Novaris, realism is important. Be true to the characteristics of your nation, its history, and geography.

If all players can respect these simple guidelines, Novaris can be a place where everyone can engage in a fun, creative, and enjoyable roleplay experience.


On the planet of Novaris, the humans who inhabit it are the descendants of a once-great civilization. Just like on Earth, this civilization rose and fell, leaving behind only remnants of their technological advances and ancient ruins that dot the landscape.

Despite their ancestors' accomplishments, the humans of Novaris are now living in a world that is vastly different from what their forefathers once knew and cherished. The once sprawling cities are now nothing more than crumbling ruins, the vast networks of transportation are no longer functioning, and the technological advancements that once powered the civilization are now coveted relics to be traded and bartered for.

In recent times, certain humans have been born with the unique ability to manipulate natural energies that were previously unknown to their civilization. These individuals, who are now known as "Ethereals," possess the power to manipulate light, electricity, gravity, and even reality itself to some degree.

However, Ethereals are not fully understood and are often feared by others, as their powers have been known to cause great destruction unintentionally.

Despite this, the Ethereals are seen as a key to unlocking the secrets of their civilization's past and Novaris towards a brighter future. The most powerful of them are sought after by those who wish to rule or protect the remnants of the ancient civilization's technology.

But as the Ethereals continue to emerge and the secrets of the past are revealed, the humans of Novaris are left with the daunting task of uncovering just how their ancestors fell and how they can avoid the same fate.




The Aventine-Estland Alliance (Estland and The Church)


Political Map

Alliance Map

no alliances

RP Information

RP year : 1337
Time speed: 1 irl day / 2 RP months
Global population : 443 million

Application Template

Nation name:
Government Type:
Head of state (title and name):
Capital city :
GDP (No more than 15 billion):
Population (No more than 5 million):
Military size (once you go over 2% of the population, your GDP will drop by 1% every time 1% more of your population is in the army):
Flag / Emblem (emblem is optional, also you can say that your NS flag is your flag for the Roleplay):

Image of the land you want to claim:

(Please make your application into a dispatch)