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RID (Method for Dealing with Trolls)

(Report, Ignore, Document.)

The RID method is a way to keep internet trolls from disrupting with your time here on NS, and to effectively and efficiently deal with any situation involving someone trolling. The three easy steps to remember in these situations are as follows.


The first step is to report. Rather thatís to your local authorities or, if the situation calls for it, the website moderators. While filing a report, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Make sure to include where itís happening, the participant(s) and their nation names. Try to include evidence, such as links to their posts, or screenshots. Make sure to keep the report short, simple, and to the point.

(Ex. [Nation] has been [Rule Violation | Trolling, Spamming, etc] on [Place of Conflict | -Typical the Regional Message Board (RMB)-]. They have posted about [Subject], which goes against [Rule(s)]. [Link or Screenshots confirming this happened].) Please respond to this situation as soon as you are able, thank you.)


The next step is to ignore. Do NOT respond to the person trolling. Do not engage with them in any medium or form. Do not even mention them by name. When possible, make sure to post on the RMB telling people not to engage, or, privately contact them via TGs, DMs, or other such mediums. The rule of thumb is not to attract attention to the troll, thatís what gives them their power.


The final step is to document. You donít have to physically or digital document it, but do make a mental note for yourself. Keep in mind that (if the person is still on site) they might still have an appetite for causing mischief. Do not harass the individual, or hold it as leverage against them, but do make sure to remember it. If they do not appear to stop their behavior even after the situation is dealt with, make sure to inform others. Such as if they were to move to another region, inform local authorities there that the subject may cause disruption.

Following these simple steps, you will be able to keep you, your community, and your region safe and protected from the threat of trolls.