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by The People's Republic of TCB Ministry of World Assembly Affairs. . 282 reads.

Vote FOR Liberate Portugal De Esquerda

Official Recommendation of the Ministry of WA Affairs

Vote FOR Liberate Portugal De Esquerda - Here

Category: LiberationNominee (Region): Portugal De EsquerdaAuthor: Catalyse

Rationale & Analysis

As stated in the resolution, Portugal de Esquerda has been raided by The Eternal Order, a region known to find no issue with harboring fascists within its borders, with support from The Appalachian Order. When passed, the liberation proposal will remove the password securing the region in the raiders' hands, thus allowing PRAF or other defensive forces to purge it of fascist influence. Subsequently, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a FOR vote.

As such, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs has directed Kethania to vote FOR Liberate Portugal De Esquerda, and encourages World Assembly nations to vote accordingly.

Analysis By: New Astri
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