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Trollstaffen Military.

Well, how do I say it. Basically, the Military of Trollstaffen Is pretty much Nazi uniforms with red armbands and instead of a swastika there's a trollface on the armbands, the higher ranks have capes with the colour of the branch they lead.

The Armbands and their meanings
Red: Military and Secret Police, used only during deployment
Blue: Space Force aka Raumstaffen
Yellow: The Guards of the highest ranks
Green: Augen der Gerechtigkeit aka Eyes of Justice
White: Every branch when they aren't deployed

That's basically it for the armbands, moving onto technology.

The Technology of Trollstaffen military is now days weapons and vehicles combined with World War 2 ones. (That's all you need to know.) Mass productions of weapons Is heavily used because of the increase of other factions attempting to uprise against the Great Country of Trollstaffen such as The Rebellion and more.

Military research:
Log 1: The Trollstaffen military is currently researching and testing ways of teleportation between dimensions (aka games) In order to gain more knowledge about technology and use it to their advantage as long as take prisoners of war.
Log 2: The Trollstaffen military has started it's production on alien warships though when will they be done is estimated for over more than 5 years due to lose of recourses needed for the build.
Log 3: To come soon