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United Cruolian Systems Military

[center][size=300][b][u][WIP]United Cruolian Military[/u][/b][/size][/center]

[box][size=250][b][i]The Navy[/i][/b][/size]

[size=150][u]Main Ship Technology[/u][/size]

[spoiler=Main Plasma Turrets][img][/img]
the main weapon on most ships in the UCS. It is a dual barrel turret that shoots high energy plasma at it's targets, which are usually smaller targets such as starfighters or groundbases if it is mounted on a ship in atmosphere. while it does have a really high fire rate, it doesn't fare well against bigger targets like a corvette and well armoured or shielded ones.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Repeater Turrets][img][/img]
This turret is quite common on the bigger ships more as a defensive weapon than a offensive one. it shoots a very high powered burst of electricity and plasma, more relying on he electricity to deal the damage, acting almost like an EMP of sorts, disabling most smaller ships up to a corvette class ship. it however is useless against ships with quality surge protection.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Ion Missile][img][/img]
A nasty soup of ionic particles are released upon detonation on this missile. Excellent against shields, but weak against armor, so it is mainly used to take down shields, as well as having a moderate EMP-like effect.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Plasma Missile][img][/img]
this one is meant to be used on bigger ships such as corvettes or lighter cruisers. it packs a massive punch by igniting a supercompressed plasma-charge which rapidly implodes. not too many are made but are particularly favored by a few officers.[/spoiler]

[size=150][u]Main Defenses[/u][/size]

[spoiler=Orbital Defense][img][/img]
This is what is used for orbital defense, or even as heavy artillery depending on the situation. it fires a 90mm round of compressed plasma at anything in the air or the ground. while powerful, it takes a while to reload for another shot, so these are scattered across each world for the best possible defense.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Point defense][img][/img]
this is the most common defensive weapon featured on many bigger ships and even a few civilian ships. it is a point defense system that relies on precision to take down any small ships that get near it. alone, they aren't very scary, but with others shooting alongside it, it is something starships and fighters should steer clear of.[/spoiler]

[size=150][u]Main Doctrinal Ships[/u][/size]

[spoiler=Light fighter "[i]Valor[/i]"][img][/img]
this is the standard fighter of the UCS navy, occupying many carriers and is sent for dog fights or air support for ground forces. carries two plasma machine guns capable of hitting 2,000RPM. cheap to produce and train to use.[/spoiler]

[spoiler= Heavy Bomber "[i]Helios[/i]"][img][/img]
this is the main bomber ship that mostly sees use alongside ground forces but is wholly capable of space combat. is capable of carrying up to 6 missiles at one time, and has two plasma guns for defense when it needs it. its armour is quite thick, preventing most non explosive shots from taking it down.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Light bomber "[i]Pyrys[/i]"][img][/img]
this is a lighter version of the Helios model, focusing more on being a fighter, but still fulfills the role of a bomber, carrying 4 missiles instead of 6. it also has lighter armor, making is suseptible to more powerful ground shots from even standard rifles if aimed right.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Starship "[i]Black Death[/i]"][img][/img]
This vehicle is capable of hitting mach 50 in 60 seconds flat when not using an FTL drive, and uses top of the line armor designed to deflect most Ion cannon shots from lighter turrets. it's main weapons are two rapid fire machine guns capable of dispensing 3000RPM of plasma. a last resort of it is two nuclear missiles that have about 15 kilotons of power each.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=[i]Anzel[/i] class Corvette][img][/img]
This 150 meter long Corvette was originally designed on the planet Anzel, hence the name. it has 12 anti starip turrets, 4 PDCs total and houses 40 starships and 40 unmanned drones. the armor is roughly a foot thick and has a shield generator capable of withstanding most standard ion cannons and starship guns.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=[i]Gentur[/i] Class Escort Carrier][img][/img]
An offshoot of an old design in limited use by the Universal Empire, the Gentur class was used heavily by Master Holdings as a system-control vessel. One of the lightest ships in the galaxy to be designated as an escort-carrier, Gentur can host over two-dozen standard starfighters or eight Black Death-class heavy fighters. The vessel's mounted armament consists of four kinetic-artillery mounted in two double turrets as well as several repeater point-defense guns. Gentur's relatively small size grants superb mobility, a notable tradeoff for a hangar-capacity more typical of the escort-carrier class.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=[i]Cruolian[/i] Class Heavy cruiser][img][/img]
Desiring a much-needed edge in firepower to contend with other galactic navies, the Cruolian class of warship is designed to maximize long-range firepower without sacrificing mobility. Armed with an axial particle-lance and several batteries of kinetic artillery, the Cruolian can contend with ships of significantly larger size from maximum range. Designated as a heavy cruiser, the warship boasts shields and armor typical of the class while also sporting a potent point-defense grid.[/spoiler][/box]