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The Council of SQMO (WIP)

The council of sqmo, is the main body of sqmo. It decides the structure of the alliance and the way it works. It needs unanimous support, although vetoes can be reversed by a high majority vote. The council will also keep note of events in SQMO, It acts as an enabler for actions that sqmo might initiate in the future. The Headquarters are in Corales, Atrocha.
Order of the Saint Dumas (Presides)
West Pangasinan (Vice Chairman)
Greater Rostoria
Romanoddle Republic
Empire of Dabiristan (Observer)
Zidium (Observer)


West Pangasinan wrote:

Recognizing that the SQMO lacks a forum for discussions, the government of Vuclen, with the support of the government of Pangasinan, proposes the following:
*The creation of a governing body of the alliance, to be called the SQMO Council. All members, both full and observer, are to have representatives in the council, and would tackle any issue that would require an alliance-wide response;
*Its mandate would include, but not limited to, voting on membership accession, member disputes, third-party mediation, and war declaration;
*Full members would be a given a single vote and a veto for each votes. Unanimous decision would be the basis of the success or failure of any motion presented to the council. A veto made by a member can be overturned by a 2/3 majority vote against said veto;
*Observer members are allowed to send representatives to the council and be free to give advice on topics discusses, but would hold no voting power;
*Chairmanship of the council would be rotational, with each member holding chairmanship for a month before passing it to the next member. The succession would be based on seniority within the alliance. The next-in-line to chairmanship would be the Vice-Chairman and would step up should the Chairman of the time be incapable of his duty due various reasons;
*A permanent headquarters would be assigned for the council. All full members would be free to nominate any city they wish for said headquarters.

Order of the Saint Dumas
Greater Rostoria
Empire of Dabiristan
alright. nominations for the HQ would last for 3 days (because I'll be mostly busy this coming weekend lol). after that a poll would be made and the city with the most votes wins

Resolution: Unanimous approval

Votes for city headquarters:
-Corales, Atrocha: Atrocha, Order of the Saint Dumas, Krozland
-New Kalkingrad, Greater Rostoria: Greater Rostoria, West Pangasinan
-Taxila, Vuclen: Vuclen, Karcovshkie(?)