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Pax Britannia World Map

Pax Britannia World Map

If an error is spotted, don't hesitate to message Arrstotzka!

(NOTE: A listing of available NPCs is currently being compiled, for more info on selecting a playable nation/entity, feel free to ask most anyone who's around!)

North America
British North America; Arrstotzka
Iron Confederacy; Legio de Caesar
New France; Nuovoiork
Viceroyalty of New Spain; El Imperio Mexicano
Captaincy General of California; The New United States of Americana

Bavaria; Federal Germanic Empire
Denmark-Norway; Sooya Hercheland
Great Britain; Estornia
France; The Moon States
Prussia; Fantrum
Spain; Aluvitar
Portugal; Commonwealth States of Britania
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; Staring Frogs
Russian Empire; Maplestan

South America
Viceroyalty of New Granada; Scotia Flow

Morocco; Basementees

Joseon; Flecatya
Zand Persia; The Levantine League