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Must we directly quote Jovan Filipovic's Chronicle regarding the matter of Casna's reign? I think we could put that section's content in a more encyclopedic tone if we didn't directly quote his work. There may also be other sources we can use, though I personally have struggled to find any. —LeanMan1981 (29 Sept 2022 3:00 PM GMT)

Filipovic does not add or remove anything from any of the other sources of her reign, from which his work is clearly derived from. Also, what exactly about the way it is written is "unencyclopedic"? —petar.m3d20 (29 Sept 2022 9:00:15 PM GMT)

Quoting historians directly is fine, in moderation. For example, if what's being presented is a smaller tidbit of information. But relying on a quote for an entire section undermines the Factbook altogether. We can say what Filipovic wrote about her reign without having to actually quote him—that's how encyclopedia-writing works, after all. We can simply source his work in the full bibliography so readers can read the whole text if they want, but we should not overuse quotes. —LeanMan1981 (29 Sept 2022 11:21:30 PM GMT)

Filipovic's writing reflects the ethos of the Dubravkan period (which he wrote during, mind you): austere and exceedingly suspicious of leisure. Without slipping into moralising, he describes the opulence of the court life in Casna's time and its, let us say, adverse effects, on herself and much of her court. I think it is perfectly fine to quote his words here; he summarizes things quite fine without us needing to paraphrase. —petar.m3d20 (29 Sept 2022 11:39:58 PM GMT)

Look, the thing with you, Petar, is that you are so obviously a chubby chaser! Look at yourself, so eager to keep this needlessly detailed chronicle (that was so obviously written by someone who shares your, ehm, preferences) on an encyclopedia website. So eager to publicly preserve for the eyes of all this historical person's overindulgence and resultant transformation into a gassy, corpulent butterball.
When you read what I just wrote, did you feel tickled? Did you flush?
Are you getting turned on right now imagining the sight of all those fat rolls, the softness, the squishiness of Casna's fat body under those elaborate mediaeval gowns?
Don't lie. You like this. You like this. You want me to describe everything about, not even Casna: this imaginary fat woman I've planted in your head, every single fat roll, every single soft, mushy, squishy bit of cellulite she has on her.
The way her whole body jiggles when she walks; the difficulty she feels performing that very act of walking for too long because of how used she is to just sitting and engorging herself, not moving for hours on end. The way she has to push a little harder in order to achieve each step. The irreversality of all that she's done to herself because she cannot muster the physical endurance to simply take a walk.
I bet you can picture her face as well. Round, puffy, and plump, just begging you to hold those chubby cheeks and plant a kiss on her precious lips. Her eyes are always half closed in satisfaction as she munches on some kind of delicious food, probably something rich and filling. God. You know what, Petar? Like who you want, whatever. It's nothing shameful or wrong. But don't you think for even a second that this damned encyclopedia website is a place where you can compromise research integrity just so you can write titillating descriptions of historical royals. We're here to give people information according to what they searched for, for goodness' sake. If you like chubby women so much, why don't you just get married to one and leave out of it..? But I digress.
I've just rewritten that section to convey the same information without directly quoting Filipovic. Have a nice day. —LeanMan1981 (30 Sept 2022 12:01:42 AM GMT)

I'm sorry to tell you this, LeanMan1981, but this isn't the place for rhetoric that can be seen as a personal attack. You are hereby warned for violating our community guidelines regarding incivility and personal attacks, and your recent edit has been reversed. Don't try this again. —mistanerd (30 Sept 2022 12:30:01)

Alright, I'm fine with that warn. I was out of line, and I apologise to Petar. But reversing my edit? Why would you need to? When writing factbooks it's important to paraphrase, to make the facts easy to understand. I do hope you'll consider allowing me to roll back my edit. After all, we're just trying to present the facts; if the reader wants the original source exactly as it is, they are at complete liberty to look for it with the help of the bibliography at the bottom. —LeanMan1981 (30 Sept 2022 12:31:45 PM GMT)

I'm afraid I can't allow a revert. petar.m3.d20 makes a good point as to why we should quote Filipovic directly here. It also allows us to give him credit where it's due as the primary source to her reign. —mistanerd (30 Sept 2022 12:50:01)

Why do you insist on quoting this single source for a topic where there are multiple other sources which, mind you, Filipovic derived his information from?
Oh, I'm sorry. I get it now. I see what's happening here. You mods are the same as Petar. Chubby chasers! Yeah, that's right; you're only keeping Filipovic's text here because you *like* reading about fat people. And since we know that you guys love fat people so much, I guess Filipovic must be your favourite historian of all times. Do you know how much he mentions weight, fattiness, corpulence, and everything related to that in his works? My goodness, it is so obvious! He's also the only contemporary historian who described Dubravka as—and let me quote him here—'thin and frail in appearance'. And you know what's funny? Every. Single. Other. Contemporary historian—if at all, described her as 'healthy and vibrant'. And that's exactly what she was!
Why am I saying this? Because this weirdo is so obvious with his weird idiosyncracies he wrote them for all to see in his works. He wanted this Serbian queen, who he probably had a thing for, to get fat!
It's so transparent, I don't see how you could miss it. It's like the bulk of you mods were planted here by a fat-loving cabal, just so they can edit articles as they please to be inclusive of these 'special interests' of theirs.
You know, you don't have to do this. You are entirely capable of leaving your obsessions at the door, but no: you just have to subject everybody else to them, don't you? And you call yourself a moderator? What a sick joke. I knew this was happening years ago, this WorldBio takeover. And I swept it under the carpet! I should've stopped the lot of you when I had the chance! —LeanMan1981 (30 Sept 2022 5:19:56 PM GMT)

I'm sorry. I really can't see where you're coming from. And unfortunately, I have to block you for 48 hours for personal attacks in violation of our guidelines regarding incivility. —mistanerd (30 Sept 2022 5:49:11 PM GMT)

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