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Breaking News: Maxcelsior Falls From Orbit With 5 Aboard.

Days ago, the Maxcelsior Space Station began malfunctioning and de-orbiting with 5 crew members aboard.

LASA was successfully able to rescue them all, thanks to the help of automated rescue pods sent by Nikolaias, Ilyavan, and United Tropics of Torchland.

After the rescue, FBI Cyber Security and the Lexxonian Anti-Terrorism agency swooped into the scene, suspecting foul play.
Evidence was found of a hacking, as at the time the station began malfunctioning, the station was over Blackacre.

Firewalls and Online Security systems on the station were manually disabled from a network called "DLLWOLXP4ORUV". When decoded using the Atbash cipher, the network name translated to "WOODLOCK4LIFE". The FBI is certain that this was a hack from Woodlock's gang, sent out in retaliation of his arrest.

"They have reached the final straw. We will do whatever it takes to get this group under arrest, even by force if necessary." - Head of Lexxon's FBI.

Satellite image of the Maxcelsior's disintegration upon de-orbit.