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The Pairti Cle Manifesto - October 2022

The Official Pairti Cle Manifesto
October 2022
Onwards Together
Who are we?

Pairti Cle is the oldest political party in The Slide Countries. We have been leaders and driving forces behind almost all the biggest political developments in Slide history - including the Triumvirate system, the foundation of the Assembly and the transition to a presidential democracy. We have produced the majority of legislation that the region has adopted. We have had two out of TSC's three presidents so far (Orennica and The Belacian States). Undeniably, the region has been profoundly shaped by Pairti Cle.

Our members:

President of The Slide Countries: The Glorious Christian Republic of The Belacian States
Vice-President of The Slide Countries: The Citystate of Utrechtse Gewest
Former President: The Proud Socialist States of Orennica
The Republic of Buewye
The Blazing Joint of The Glorious State of Corbyn

What have we done?

Under President The Belacian States - elected on 5th March 2022 - The Slide Countries has continued to thrive. Although the period hasn't been blessed with regional growth, we have seen a more active and engaged populace. As promised during the election season, a "Slide Countries Cultural Dispatch" has been created, with contributions from other nations outside Pairti Cle welcomed. The President has handed out three Presidential Awards (the highest honour in the region), including one for Outstanding Contribution to the Region, to Buewye. Following the Assembly Suspension Act, we have rejuvenated the legislative process in the region, bringing laws from both within Pairti Cle (Repeal of Alliance with OmniOne, Protection of Real-Life Interests Act) and without (On Presidential Resignations Act, Embassy Requirement Act, Welcoming Act) to vote in the Slide Countries. The President has asserted the region's solidarity with the people of Ukraine, welcomed new nations such as Arnelle and enjoyed a very successful N-Day7. Despite plenty of elections and political instability (including a sudden increase and subsequently even more rapid decrease in civil rights) within Belac, the regional administration has remained steadfast, co-operative and patriotic.

What will we do?

Pairti Cle’s proposed cabinet:

If Pairti Cle is elected, we will:

    - Continue to run the region successfully and advance the Slide Countries' interests
    - Re-instate a smaller Assembly with 5 members, repealing the Assembly Suspension Act
    - Separate bills into international and domestic types; allow the Assembly to legislate on domestic matters (i.e. within countries), but with all nations retaining the right to opt out of any domestic legislation passed by the Assembly
    - Create a bill further clarifying and declaring the position of Supreme and Eternal Leader, regarding how they are above politics and the embodiment of the region
    - Organise the first ever Regional Summit of the Slide Countries, with the heads of state and government from every Slide Country to be invited.
    - Clarify the procedure for electoral date-choosing.
    - Enshrine in law the requirements that decide who can and cannot become a cabinet minister.