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SC Recommendation Archive: Vote FOR 'Commend Esternial' | OWL


Commend Esternial


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OWL recommends voting  FOR  the at-vote resolution, "Commend Esternial". The Delegate has been asked to cast their vote accordingly.

Please find below the Office's Analysis for an examination of the resolution and the reasons for the final recommendation.

The Office's Analysis

Citing a plethora of roleplay series the nominee has decisively participated in or run themselves, the at-vote resolution "Commend Esternial" proposes to award Esternial a shiny badge of commendation for their immense contributions to and great impact on particularly the Portal to the Multiverse (P2TM) forum roleplaying community.
As with the recent commendation of G-Tech Corporation, the Office finds that the long list of the nominee's achievements, as presented comprehensively by the proposal, largely speak for themselves. Both Esternial's creation of key characters in other authors' storylines and development of many own roleplays are of the most outstanding in the P2TM community. The additional mentoring of other RPers once again demonstrates the nominee's admirable dedication to the community, with their creation of the original "Traveller's Cafe" being the cherry on top.

Thus, OWL recommends a vote FOR the at-vote resolution, "Commend Esternial".