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The Balooist Party of Calista (JOKE)

The Balooist Party of Callista
"Have a prickly bear or else."


Believing that Baloo is Lord and Savior of Callista and should naturally be its only leader. Baloo will take power via force if necessary.

Baloo is in power

Advocating for Baloo Autocracy and the forced abdication of the Tsar

Universal Prickly Pears

Prickly pears will be provided by the government for every citizen. Consumption of prickly pears is mandatory for your continued existence.

Barl E Ban

Of course we will ban Barl Goodman from Calista because he is a filthy chess player!


There is no conclusion, there is only Baloo. Vote for us this October or we will repossess your organs!

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