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Announcement Regarding N-Day

[font=Times New Roman][hr][size=200][center][b]N-Day Announcement[/b][/center][/size][size=150][center]19 September 2022[/center][hr]

Greetings Citizens!

As you may already know, N-Day is just under a week away and we are excited to see how the region will show the world its courage and strength. If we all take part and do everything within our power, we will prevail. Just as everybody prepares for this most challenging day, we know that our chance for victory is much greater if we could join our forces with other regions. It has been a common practice on previous occasions and we do not intend on breaking this tradition.
We are happy to announce that we joined the '[url=]Anime Nations Against Liberals[/url]' faction, where we will fight fiercely alongside our allies Caer Sidi, Lazarus, The Great North, The Black Hawks, Lone Wolves United, and others. We hope that this N-Day will be our most successful ever. 

[align=right]Sincerely Yours,
The Hon. [b]Christoph Sebastian[/b] MBE PC MP
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs[/align][/font][/size]