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the history of why we are literally the saviours of the world

the amazing history of [b]ALL NATIONS AGAINST LIBERALS!!!! (A.N.A.L.)[/b]

Following our 2nd place performance in 2021, there has been a recent interest in our faction, as it has become clear to the world that there is a SECRET GLOBAL ELITE running everything from behind the curtains, an evil organisation composed by INFLUENTIAL FIGURES from GAME CREATED REGIONS seeking to ABOLISH DEMOCRACY and ENSLAVE ALL OF US

All Nations Against Liberals started in N-Day 2019 as a faction lead by [region]Thaecia[/region]. From its start it was clear that we were the greatest thing every created, in fact we definitely receive hundreds of requests for ceasefires from larger LIBERAL factions desperate to face us, however we had to reject them all and take on the elites ourselves. We were eventually overwhelmed however, but despite this we managed to come in 9th place in the leaderboard under our successor faction Ousted Regions Against Liberals (O.R.A.L.), pulling a never seen before last minute strategy which lead us to top 10 despite attempts from larger factions with hundreds of puppets to sabotage us.

In N-Day 2020 All Nations Against Liberals was faced with a dilemma: WE WERE SABOTAGED BY THE LIBERALS! [region]Thaecia[/region] abandoned us, other regions abandoned us, we were left alone as the sole defenders of the free world, left to rot with no hope of success. We didn't give up though, with a lot of IQ points on our side our small team developed a plan to continue our crusade against an ever growing elite. Our strategy proved successful. and in 2020 we managed to get 15th place in the leaderboard. We had proven a small group of individuals with no backing from larger regions was still capable of fighting.

Although All Nations Against Liberals had performed amazingly against all odds until now, 2021 was the year in which we struck our biggest blow to the Liberal Establishment yet. Once again we were left nearly alone, with just a couple more smaller factions joining us since the last year, but this time around we were so smart we got 69 letters from our rivals begging us to spare them (we did not spare them). With our incredible brains, All Nations Against Liberals managed to grab the 2nd place in 2021, losing only to the largest coalition of liberal regions ever created in NationStates history (yes they were desperate). Our performance attracted worldwide attention and the elites were forced to give up their grip on certain regions. 
(forum post where nations came together to proclaim A.N.A.L. as winner of N-Day:
In 2022 we need YOU to help us strike the FINAL BLOW on the LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT trying to ENSLAVE THE PEOPLE OF NATIONSTATES. 

A multitude of regions have now allied themselves under our new banner (Anime Nations Against Liberals) and we believe this is the year where this force of evil will be defeated for good. Even those who once allied themselves with corrupt regimes have finally decided to ditch their corrupt ways in favour of what is GOOD. If you want to help this cause, consider joining us, we believe you can truly have a fun and enjoyable experience here.

Below is our faction which contains more information of what you need to know to participate in this event: