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Standing Orders - Anime Nations Against Liberals

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Standing Orders[/b][/color][/size]

[list][*][size=150][b]Join one of the three squads[/b] at your disposal! Their functions are described in the [url=]preparation dispatch[/url] if you want to know more about them.  [/size]
[*][b][size=150]Join our [url=]Discord Server[/url][/b][/size][size=150] for maximum coordination! Even if you generally don't like discord, it would be better if you do here! It makes the event a better experience for you. :D [/size]
[*][size=150][b]Listen to the Live Orders[/b] delivered either on discord in the District 13's announcement channel (#📣┊firing-orders) or on the [url=]main page[/url] of our faction. [/size]
[*][size=150][b][colour=CA0101]DO NOT FIRE ON ANY OF THE BIG FACTIONS UNLESS ORDERED TO DO SO[/colour][/b], they have too many shields for a small number of nukes to be useful and will require a coordinated strike for it to succeed! Try to coordinate with your peers on targeting small factions if you want to score points, otherwise listen to the live orders regarding the stockpiling of nukes.[/size]
[*][size=150][b]When in doubt, shields![/b] We are alone in this fight, therefore merely surviving this event will be a great achievement! If you are unsure about which squad to join, join the Shield Squad and produce only shields![/size][/font]