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Florensia Evergale


Florensia Evergale

12 May 1890, Parisia Versailles, Empire Francais

13 August 1980, Pekamura, New Pekoland

Pekora Landian, Nousagian

[b]Known As:[/b] 
The Lady with a Lamp

Evergale Cross Jewel (1942), Order of Mikoran - Grand cross Star (1946), Royal Carrot Medal (1943)

Florensia Evergale (12 May 1890 - 13 August 1980) was a Nousagian social reformer, statistician and the founder of modern magitech nursing. Florensia came to prominence while serving as a manager and trainer of nurses during the New Pekoland Unification War, in which she organized care for wounded soldiers at Skynilia. She significantly reduced death rates by improving hygiene and living standards. Florensia gave nursing a favourable reputation and became an icon of Nousagian culture, espectially in the persona of "The Lady with a Lamp" making rounds of wounded soldiers at night.

In 1950, she laid the foundation of proffesional nursing with the establishment of her nursing school at Cirisia's Hospital in Pekamura. It was the first secular nursing school in the world and is now part of the University of Pekamura. In recognition of her pioneering work in nursing, the Florensian Pledge taken by new nurses, and the Florensian Evergale Medal, the highest national distinction a nurse can achieve in Pekolandia, all of this were named in her honour, and the annual National Nurse Day is celebrated on her Birthday. Her social reforms included improving healthcare for all sections of Nousagian Society, helping to Government to abolish illegal slavery activity, and expanding the acceptable forms of female participation in the workforce. 

Florensia was a pioneer in statistics; she represented her analysis in graphical forms to ease drawing conclusions and actionables from data. She is famous for usage of the polar area diagram, also called the Evergale Rose Diagram, equivalent to a modern circular histogram. This diagram is still regularly used in data visualization. 

Florensia was a prodigious and versatile writer. In her lifetime, much of her published work was concerned with the spreading of medical knowledge. Some of her tracts were written in simple English so that they could easily be understood by those with poor literary skills. She was also a pioneer in data visualization with the use of infographics, using graphical presentations of statistical data in an effective way. Much of her writing, including her extensive work on religion and magitech, has only been published posthumously.[/center][/box]

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