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CSS Election 2005 (2018)

Jâdurtmndsonn Köha Njket (SRCSS)
Kânensonm Jœhan Kleenekt (DRCSS)
Lehadt Zürtmendsonn Mondsonn (RCSS)
Njohaéa Násje Kolkadent (IPCSS)
Iôntâmendte Lófenthe Céllegonai (PPARECSS)
Møhalland Ófregan Snzezut (DPRCSS)

Please [nation]Calgonian Syndy State[/nation] and tell us who you want to vote, the CSS does not care if you vote more then 1. You can not vote the same person more then 1 time.
Thank you, for using the CSSE2005. ( Calgonian Syndy State Election 2005. )

CSSE2005 Is a election program that hosts every month, week and all of that stuff. (not a website btw its madeup)

Calgonian syndy state