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by The Socïalmuistund Repubłikanner of Calgonian Syndy State. . 34 reads.

CSS Election 2005 (2018)

Jâdurtmndsonn Köha Njket (SRCSS)
Kânensonm Jœhan Kleenekt (DRCSS)
Lehadt Zürtmendsonn Mondsonn (RCSS)
Njohaéa Násje Kolkadent (IPCSS)
Iôntâmendte Lófenthe Céllegonai (PPARECSS)
Møhalland Ófregan Snzezut (DPRCSS)

Please Calgonian Syndy State and tell us who you want to vote, the CSS does not care if you vote more then 1. You can not vote the same person more then 1 time.
Thank you, for using the CSSE2005. ( Calgonian Syndy State Election 2005. )

CSSE2005 Is a election program that hosts every month, week and all of that stuff. (not a website btw its madeup)