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LDU Regional News Service | Dispatch #13 | 20 September 2022

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[font=georgia][center][size=200]Dispatch #13 | 20 September 2022[/size][/center][/font]

[center][font=georgia][b]Articles written by [nation]Kingdom of the Indus[/nation][/b][/font][/center]

[hr][center][font=georgia][b][color=blue][size=120]Regional Gameplay News[/size][/color][/b][/font][/center][hr]

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]NEW NATIONS[/font][/b][/size][/center]

[center][font=georgia]Welcome to the [region]Liberal Democratic Union[/region]:

[nation]Mishima Financial Group[/nation]
[nation]Security Unit[/nation]

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]DEAD NATIONS[/font][/b][/size][/center]

[center][font=georgia]The following nations have ceased to exist:


[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]NEWS FROM THE FREE BLOC[/font][/b][/size][/center]


[center][i][font=georgia]Results of the recent TFB Chairman election.[/font][/i][/center][/box][/floatleft][font=georgia][b]A statement by the Soviet Federation of Eurasia, the new chairman of The Free Bloc[/b]

The [nation]Soviet Federation of Eurasia[/nation] has been elected chairman of [region]The Free Bloc[/region]. When he won, he said the following:

[i]"First of all, I'd like to use this chance to thank those who trusted in me enough to vote me into office. I already led the alliance in the past, but now I for the first time do that through the mandate of the people. Thank you, deep from my heart.

Now, onto the important moments. Comrades, we are in the crisis. With significant loss in member regions, collapsed administration, weak structures, and dismissed Emergency Council, I and my Vice-colleague currently hold nearly all executive power. That won't do. Free alliance can't be turned into dictatorship. Thus, by having a discussion, me and Vice-Chairman So Pep came to conclusion that we'll need to restore parliamentary system in the bloc.

Free Consultative People's Assembly, or FPCA, was a very chaotic attempt at parliament. This would lead to TFB leadership and people dismissing it, and going with rules and legislations without parliamentary session. Emergency council, formed during these trying times, however, has proved ruthlessly effective and, what's furthermore important, had a parliamentarian structure. Thus, hereby, by my and Pep's first and hopefully last executive decision without parliament in this term, FPCA is abolished and replaced by Emergency Council, which has been reorganized into The Free Senate. All former councillors who's regions didn't leave TFB, except Chairmen, as well as some other bloquists who proven to be wise and knowledgeable are granted ranks of Senators. 

And despite first senate being appointed directly by us, we are proud to state that in the future Senate will be an elected body.
First Senators are, as follows:

[nation]New Hansa[/nation]
[nation]Zor El Scribe[/nation]

[b]Odrya rejoins The Free Bloc[/b]

[region]Odrya[/region] has rejoined [region]The Free Bloc[/region].

This news was announced on the 13th of September by the Soviet Federation of Eurasia on The Free Bloc's Discord server.

"With majority of Emergency council voting in favour, it's my pleasure to re-introduce Odrya as the member of The Free Bloc," he said. "Welcome back, old friends. We missed you."

[hr][center][font=georgia][b][color=red][size=120]Regional Roleplay News[/size][/color][/b][/font][/center][hr]

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]NEWS FROM SJEVRE[/font][/b][/size][/center]


[center][i][font=georgia][nation]Sjevre[/nation]an Prime Minister Solvein Morchands.[/font][/i][/center][/box][/floatright][font=georgia][b]Sjevre-Rusnia war[/b]

[nation]Das Viertes Kaiserreich[/nation] has sent German-Persian regiments to help [nation]The Armenians and the Kurds[/nation] fight [nation]Romanum et Britannia Minor[/nation].

The German Luftwaffe has begun supplying aerial support for the Wehrmacht soldiers stationed at Gotland and have also started a blockade of Sjevre and are now believed to be planning an invasion of the country.

The Germans have proven to be so effective that the [nation]Sjevre[/nation]an army has requested the help of their allies.

Despite this, at the Rusnian front, the Sjevreans proved to be successful in capturing the city of Kirov and they reached the Ural mountains soon afterwards.

The Rusnians attempted to start a major counteroffensive in Nizhny Novgorod with 40,000 men and have already recaptured it and dozens of other cities - the Sjevreans are attempting to encircle the Rusnians.

[b]Sjevrean-Eastern German nuclear talks[/b]

[nation]Eastern Abele German Empire[/nation] has restored power to the Chernobyl nuclear plant, which was previously destroyed in an explosion.

This made the Sjevrean government concerned about the safety and security of the plant.

Queen Catherine of the EAGE then invited the Sjevreans to the East German royal palace, where they would discuss the issue and tour the exclusion zone - the Sjevrean government accepted and sent Vladimir Usjkov and Pettri Mich-Kalstanaus to the Eastern Abele German Empire.


Another round of voting for the best song commenced two days ago - so far, [nation]Vantier[/nation] and the [nation]Kingdom of the Indus[/nation] are still tied for first.

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]AN ANNOUNCEMENT BY FREDERICK WALLACE, THE NEW PRESIDENT OF TEXAS[/font][/b][/size][/center]

[center][font=georgia]General Frederick Wallace has won the recent elections in [nation]The Sovereign Nation of Texas[/nation]. The former President William Carver was forced to resign after he became unpopular for letting General Alexander Ellis (head of the USNA Restoration League, a Texan criminal organisation) to leave the country. A few days after Frederick Wallace won, he made a speech announcing that the capital of Texas would be moved from Houston to Austin. The full speech is available below:

[i]"When the first Republic of Texas was declared in 1814, it made Austin the centre of its power. And for the next 15 years it held it there until the early founders of the USNA came into our borders and completely suffocated our sovereignty and using the strength we accumlated to create the United States of New America, which would stand for nearly 200 years. From the port city of Houston, the Union grew it to be the centre of trade into the Americas, and in turn it became its identity. Since our independence, we have remained in Houston and remained relying on what defined the USNA. That ends now, I have formally began proceedings to move the full administration of The Sovereign Nation of Texas to Austin. The centre of our great nation. I shall be making the Texas Governors Mansion the temporary Presidential Residence, whilst construction of a larger and more gallant residence for all future Presidents down the line. This residence I shall be residing in is only one minutes walk away from the Capitol Building so I will have no excuse to be late for any meetings. The Capitol Building shall be moved into the largely expanded and restored Governors Legislature Building, renamed to the name it was given in the years of the Republic, the Texas State Capitol. Where in which both the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives shall convene. The government shall provide new living arrangements for all Senators and Congress men and woman in Austin. We are taking the necessary steps to make sure that this change does not effect the grip Houston has on being a centre of trade in The Americas. As well as the government buildings that are to be left behind, they shall be reformed and reused to continue the success of Houston. The Presidential Palace in Houston shall remain a Presidential Residence, for many decades it has been the centre of diplomacy and culture of which is shall continue to be.
This big first step is a step towards a new national identity for Texas. God bless the citizens of Texas, and God bless The Sovereign Nation of Texas."[/i][/font][/center]

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]UPDATES ON THE F.I.R. INSURGENCY[/font][/b][/size][/center]


[center][i][font=georgia]Ferretian peacekeeping forces.[/font][/i][/center][/box][/floatleft][font=georgia]Ferretian troops have recaptured over half of the territory that was originally owned by the Free Island Resistance.

They have faced some light resistance by guerillas.

The Ferretians have started a massive bombing campaign to destroy FIR bases.

The GBF Navy and Air Force have also begun using drones for spying purposes.

The FIR have managed to destroy several of these drones.

This, however, has not halted the GBF's advance through the mountains.

To counter this advance, the FIR is currently trying to launch an offensive in the south.

Despite this, most political analysts predict that the FIR insurgency has very little time.[/font]

[center][size=150][b][font=georgia]MINOR NEWS[/font][/b][/size][/center]

[center][font=georgia][b]Mishima Financial Group claims "all rebels eliminated" in Gunma[/b]

The Mishima Zaibatsu have announced that all of the Yggdrasil rebels in the Gunma prefecture have been "eliminated".

They now claim total control of the Kanto area of Japan.

The Chairman of the group claims that further expansion of the Zaibatsu's occupied territory is not on his agenda, but he says that "if the Yggdrasil terrorist forces do not respect the boundaries fully established by the Tekken Forces, we will take drastic action."

[b]News from Abelist[/b]

Queen Hannah I of [nation]Abelist[/nation] announced the birth of her new son HM Frederick Charles Alpin, Prince of Xerathos and West Manchester.

The government of Abelist is currently looking into opening relations with other countries and claiming more land.