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Delegacy Digest (Edition I)


Delegacy Digest (Edition I)

Welcome to the First Edition of the Delegacy Digest, a publication of The Frozen Realm's World Assembly Project! The Delegacy Digest is a weekly publication detailing Wintreath's involvement in the World Assembly, the inner workings of the World Assembly, and what their laws mean to you. The Delegacy Digest also provides an overview of your week to come in the World Assembly, and gives you a breakdown of where our Delegate stands in terms of endorsements.

This Past Week...
This past week saw General Assembly Resolution #623, the Minimum Payment Act, passed into law, carrying an impressive 85.1% of votes. The Minimum Payment Act mandates that creditors cannot charge interest greater than the minimum monthly payment on their debts. For instance, if the minimum monthly payment on someone's credit card was $100, creditors are now unable to charge more than $100 in interest for that month. This act will protect individuals across all nations from falling into a vicious cycle of paying more and more money to predatory lenders while putting themselves in more debt due to interest. Wintreath's WA Delegate, Dawsinian, voted FOR this bill.

No bills were put to vote in the Security Council this past week.

The Week Ahead...
While many proposals sit before the General Assembly currently, only one seems likely to gain the approval from enough Delegates to be voted on. Veteran World Assembly legislator Imperium Anglorum seeks to repeal General Assembly Resolution #539, the Whistleblower Protection Act. Imperium Anglorum's bill cites issues with General Assembly Resolution #539 and notes the the act should be replaced once it repealed in its current form. You can read Imperium Anglorum's proposed bill here. Wintreath's WA Delegate, Dawsinian, plans to vote FOR this bill.

In the Security Council, there is currently one proposal on the table, and it is unclear if it will be approved by enough WA Delegates to be put to vote. Microoceania seeks a condemnation of 2nd dunskia, citing 2nd dunskia's harassment of other nations, their threats to use banned biological weapons, and their "rogue" status. Wintreath's WA Delegate, Dawsinian, plans to vote AGAINST this bill, due to the lack of evidence presented by the author as to why 2nd dunskia should be condemned. You can read Microoceania's proposed bill here.

Where We Stand...
Currently, Dawsinian has 82 endorsements, representing 64.6% of Wintreath's 127 World Assembly nations. This is up 12 from last week, when Dawsinian held 70 endorsements. There are currently 45 nations not endorsing our elected WA Delegate.